Art and Science: Get Your Tech Team to Embrace Design Thinking

Posted by Lauren Cohen on Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Written by Keith LaFerriere, Verndale

Since the term was coined in 2008, "design thinking" has gone from a novel concept to a requirement for any successful marketing team -- but getting both creative and tech on the same page can be a bigger challenge than many executives anticipate.

A recent 2015 CMO Digital Benchmark study confirmed that the vast majority of creative and tech team members speak different languages: only 30 percent of marketers and 13 percent of IT executives say that the relationships between the two are collaborative and productive.

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Culture of Innovation

Posted by Lauren Cohen on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

Innovation is having a moment. Brands, products and individuals are all striving to be and say that they are innovative. But unpacking this word has lead me to some bigger questions… what does it really mean to be truly innovative? How can you foster a culture of innovation within a company? How do you find and attract innovative people?  I had the opportunity to get more insight into my questions when attending a panel hosted by MITX called “Disruptive Innovators Series: The Anatomy of an Innovator.

The panel featured three speakers including Anne Marie Dumais, Open Innovation Program Impact Leader at GE, Ace Moghimi, AVP & Head of Innovation at Lab Of Forward Thinking and Dan O’Malley, Chief Digital Officer at Eastern Bank.  All of these individuals have helped to create a seat at the table for innovation within large companies in order to make disruptive change.

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The Data Talent Shortage is Not Where You Think

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on Mon, May 23, 2016

Join us on June 2nd for the MITX Data Summit! Advisory Board Members, Thomas Hubbard, who is the VP,  Head of Global Marketing at Kaspersky Lab, has written a blog that provides us with a sneak preview of what we'll be talking about on stage at this event. Register for the Data Summit here

Tom Hubbard is the Vice President, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Kaspersky Lab.  He is responsible for UX, Media, SEO, Analytics and Web Development, among many other activities, in 200+ countries. Prior to Kaspersky Lab he was the Vice President, Online Marketing at Euro RSCG Edge.

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Boston’s Dearth of Design Talent

Posted by Justine Andrews on Mon, Nov 23, 2015

Join us on December first for our MITX Design Summit: Design, Technology, and the Consumer Experience. To set the tone, Brett Bishop of Capital One wrote a blog on Boston's reputation when it comes to design and creativity. Register for the Design Summit here

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Justify Your Trip to MITX's FutureM

Posted by Justine Andrews on Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Do you need to get approval from your company to attend #FutureM15? We can help! We created the letter below to provide to your boss and help explain the value you will add to your company from attending FutureM. 

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4 Lessons We Learned from MITX's Influence(her) Panel

Posted by Justine Andrews on Thu, Aug 27, 2015

This month, we're sharing a review of our first Influence(her) event: "Off the Record." For this shared review, Justine Andrews and Kate Hoffman recall the most memorable lessons from last week's "Off the Record" panel. 

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