MITX Member Spotlight: ISITE Design

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Feb 1, 2013

Get to know a MITX member! This month we're featuring ISITE Design.

1. Tell us what’s new at ISITE?

ISITE kicked off 2013 with a bang, with a handful of hires, project launches, and aspirations for the new year. With 6 new hires in the first 3 weeks of the year, there are big things in store across the organization. In Boston, keep an eye out for Deanna Glaze, our new Senior UX Architect (you might recognize her from Microsoft or Amazon).

We also had several major project launches over the past few months -- most recently and locally, a completely replatformed and redesigned experience for New England Biolabs and a brand new rich media site for the Harvard Institute of Politics.

Lastly, we’ve got big goals for 2013 in the way of content from the agency, with the recent launch of, an experience design publication – bringing the growing number ISITE blogs to 6. will serve to connect and celebrate brands and people passionate about building great experiences.

ISITE Design2. What are some key ISITE initiatives that you’d like the MITX community to know about?

Well now that we’re talking about… it’s really more than just a blog. It started as a Portland-based conference 8 years ago, and our goal is to perpetuate and celebrate the same things that conference shares the other 364 days of the year. It’s (ideally) the place where experience design folks will go to get inspired, grow ideas, connect with peers, learn best practices, and hear stories from brands that are going above and beyond every day. If you’re passionate about building great experiences, we hope you’ll join the conversation. And if you’re truly going above and beyond, we’d love to have you share your story in a guest blog post or at Delight 2013 (find out more about the event at

3. What makes ISITE different than other companies in your marketplace?

What’s most notable about ISITE is the breadth of the relationships we have with our clients. We’re more than just a project shop. We’re not a CMS agency, or a web design firm, or an optimization specialist – we’re a full service digital agency, seeking the long-term relationships with clients that allow us to collaborate on developing sustainable and strategic long-term solutions.

4. What’s the coolest part about working for ISITE?

(Katie Del Angel): Although ISITE makes great strides to make employees happy and comfortable – from fully stocked kitchens to stress-relieving NERF artilleries, open and collaborative workspaces to flexible working hours – the thing that we always cite as a top perk is the caliber of people we have working here. Everyone has a unique background and wealth of expertise, but at the end of the day everybody truly wants to be here and is excited about what they do. ISITE does a great job of nurturing everyone’s personal and professional goals – it’s a genuinely supportive and positive place to be. And that translates to very happy clients and the long-standing, collaborative relationships we’re so proud of today.

5. What has been ISITE’s greatest accomplishment over the past 6 months?

Last October was a big turning point for our annual UX event. Undergoing a rebrand from “Love at First Website” to “Delight 2012”, the event grew to include twice as many brand speakers and over 200 experience design folks in attendance, making it the largest event of its kind. In addition to the Portland event, ISITE brought Delight to Boston for the first time ever during FutureM week to share the stories of some of Boston’s best (Boloco, Zipcar, Gemvara, and Life is good). Hopefully this is the beginning of a bicoastal community of XD people.

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in the marketplace today?

Busting silos and getting clients thinking bigger is something we’re always focusing on: getting beyond ad hoc testing projects to long-term, integrated optimization programs, facilitating smart solutions to improve experiences across all touchpoints, and thinking past the redesign and website launch.