Have a Piece of the Interactive Awards Farm

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Nov 14, 2012

When you're part of a CSA, you get more than just vegetables. You get BETTER vegetables. You know who grows them and where they came from. In fact, you might get to work on the farm as part of your share. Because having a farm share means you're part of the farm. You have to do a little bit more to get your vegetables (drive to a farm!), but you end up with better vegetables, and your supermarket-shopper friends are definitely jealous. But the best part of it all is this: you get to be part of a community.

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(We think your tractor's sexy)

You're probably wondering what a farm share has to do with the MITX Interactive Awards. No, we haven't changed our name to the Massachusetts Innovation and Farm Exchange. Actually, we've decided to let you join the Interactive Awards like it's a CSA. Because this awards show is more than just an awards show, and it's more than just MITX. The Interactive Awards are about community. We give awards to the companies doing amazing interactive work in New England because we want to show off New England, we want to brag about Boston, and we want the rest of the country to know how award-winningly awesome our community is.


Now that we're giving you a piece of the Interactive Awards, we need a little something from you. To really be part of your new community, you have to talk about it! No matter what and where you post, make sure to use the hashtag #MITXAwards. We're measuring the success of your support, so start talking now - and don't stop until the show is over! The more things you share, the more our community will grow. Read on for a bunch of easy ways to share. Choose the one(s) you like the best and copy-and-paste your way into social media happiness.

You can tweet about your Interactive Awards

We made you a handy list of finalists and sponsors! Tweet about your favorites.

  • The #MITXAwards celebrate New England's amazing interactive work. I'm rooting for @finalist http://jit.ly/_uwz9p
  • Or, if you work for a finalist company: My company @company is a finalist in the #MITXAwards! I'm so proud! Celebrate with me on Tuesday? http://jit.ly/_uwz9p
  • I think #MITXAwards sponsor @sponsor is the best! http://jit.ly/_uRILv
  • The #MITXAwards are about community, awesomeness and showing off. Boston celebrates on Tuesday! http://jit.ly/_uvE7f
  • Check out the finalist projects for the #MITXAwards! I really love [project] by @finalist! http://jit.ly/_uxj3X

You can talk about your Interactive Awards on Facebook

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You can join the Instagram contest

We're running a little photo contest. Take a picture of your own marketing or advertising project, or some awesome marketing that you pass in the city. Post it! Tag it with #MITXAwards! We'll choose one lucky Instagrammer to win a pair of tickets to the ceremony on November 20th. And we'll add your photo to our Facebook album! Need some inspiration? Here's a little something we snapped last weekend on the Red Line:

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You can thank your Interactive Awards sponsors

These guys are basically making this show happen. And since it's your show, you should totally thank them. Tag your favorite sponsor (or sponsors!) in a tweet or a Facebook post, and be all, "you are cool, thank you for sponsoring the #MITXAwards!" Everyone likes to be thanked - and we betcha they'll write back.

You can bring your friends to your Interactive Awards

Tickets are still on sale, and we're hoping to sell out! Bring your coworkers, bring your friends, and prepare for a fun night full of innovation and inspiration. Rent a limo, color-coordinate with your coworkers, pregame in the office, live-tweet at the ceremony; do whatever it takes to make the Interactive Awards - your Interactive Awards - the best night of the year.

But, why?

Because you're an Interactive Awards CSA Community Member, and this celebration is about you, your city, and the amazing work that happens here. It's up to you to spread the word. Let's get Boston buzzing about the #MITXAwards. After all, we're celebrating the amazing work that's been done in our community. Your community. Don't you want your community to be the best one?