It Came From New England - The 2012 Interactive Awards (#MITXAwards)

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Thu, Nov 8, 2012

2011 Interactive AwardsAt MITX, we believe inspiration drives innovation. That belief drives us to work hard at supporting the growth of this great community every day. In everything we do, MITX strives to inspire you, our community, to try something new, to innovate as you approach new opportunities in creative and different ways. We know that one of the best sources of inspiration comes from seeing what others have tried and created. The digital marketing community in Boston is dynamic and vibrant; we are the hub of modern marketing. There is no better place to check out what’s next.

On November 20th, our biggest Awards show – the Interactive Awards – is happening. It’s a time to celebrate and shout loud and proud as a community about all we’ve achieved. Besides being fun and a good community builder, you are guaranteed to be inspired when you see firsthand some of the best innovations in integrated marketing and advertising created in New England over the past year.

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Of course, it’s MITX, so we’re going to have a little fun with it. If you’ve ever been to one of our award shows, you know it’s a production like no other.

Our theme this year is “It Came From New England” and we’re bringing it to life with a style and approach that ties our past inventions to our present innovations: we’ll be presenting it to you in the form of B movies in the horror and sci-fi genres. Why? Just because it’s fun! Think dancing hot dogs, bad horror flicks, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, vintage Technicolor. All with a modern twist.

Over the next week, we’ll preview some cool stuff we have planned for the Awards, starting with our finalist gallery on Facebook (after all, these finalists are the ultimate showcase of things that come from New England) and an Instagram contest for photos of your favorite local examples of modern marketing (be sure to use hashtag #MITXAwards so we can collect them).

Christian FinneganEven our host is from New England! One of the original members of "Best Week Ever" on VH1 and currently part of TBS's "Are We There Yet?" cast, Christian Finnigan was born in Acton, MA and went to school at Walnut Hill in Natick. A hilarious comedian, you might also know Christian from his appearances on various Comedy Central shows like Chappelle's Show and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Follow him on Twitter at @ChristFinnegan.

So, be sure to join us on November 20th — get inspired and celebrate New England marketing innovation!  I hope to see you there!

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