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Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Guest post by Kargo.

Traditional media viewers are already using mobile. Whether you watch a lot of TV, or use a PC to stay on top of your emails, chances are you have a smartphone in your pocket, and you use it all day long!

Let's move ad dollars to mobile too. How can we do this? Simple. Video ads on mobile platforms. Audiences are increasingly consuming video content on their mobile phones due to convenience and accessibility. As marketers, we should monetize this trend by transferring eyes from what has historically been the primary destination for advertiser dollars, television, to the visual on a granular scale: the mobile screen.

As the technological world expands, one thing is certain: Video and Mobile are both at the forefront, and demanding our attention. By merging these two heavily trafficked mediums into one, you, as an advertiser and marketer can ensure optimal ROI.

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