Winning Over The Customer: How To Succeed With Mobile Commerce

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

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Mobile commerce is part of every-day life. From grabbing coffee at Starbucks to ordering your prescription through CVS, mobile commerce is changing the way people approach shopping. But what does this new landscape mean for all the players in mobile commerce? The Mobile Commerce Summit, co-sponsored by High Start Group and Catalina, is a half-day event devoted to examining how mobile commerce impacts consumers, marketers, and retailers. The Summit, part of the larger FutureM conference, examines the intricacies of the intersection of technology and marketing. 

The Summit opens with a panel investigating the relationship between consumers and mobile commerce. Speakers from the MBTA, Constant Contact, and Catalina weigh in on the issues that are important to consumers and retailers. At the forefront of most people’s minds is the idea of “loyalty.” Consumers want to be compensated for their loyalty. If they are choosing to shop at a particularly retailer over another, they want this decision to be recognized and rewarded. Mobile commerce is helping to provide this solution. Andy Miller, of Constant Contact, explains “Mobile loyalty solutions allow marketers to take advantage of the anytime, anywhere nature of mobile, helping shoppers connect with the brand.”

The second panel shifts focus to the big issues surrounding big data. Mike Grimes, Senior Vice President Mobile Commerce for Catalina, elaborates, “The top food/mass/drug retailers want to control access to their customer data and transactions at their POS. Their shoppers want control over their personal data and their shopping experience. This potential divide can be very effectively bridged by the right mobile solution strategy.” The Summit will address these concerns over privacy and elaborate on what strategies provide the optimal solution for both businesses and consumers with speakers from First Data, Catalina, Linkable Networks, and Litle & Co.

While the first two panels set up a discussion around the landscape of mobile commerce, The Mobile Summit will close with a discussion around what the winning strategies are for retailers and marketers. “Traditional POS is increasingly going the way of the dinosaur, being replaced by nimbler, cloud-based digital commerce strategy. Mobile is playing a big role in this,” says Gary Lombardo, Solutions Marketing Lead, Demandware. Retailers need the right strategy to take advantage of this shift, and speakers from SCVNGR/LevelUp, Demandware, and Leaf will help explain what that strategy is.

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