FutureM Boston: 5 Reasons You Should Attend

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Oct 10, 2012

AM resized 600Guest post by Andrew Moravick. Andrew is a Social Media Specialist at SnapApp. With a B.S. in English and an expertise in poetry, Andrew has translated his skill and passion for communication into a successful marketing career – previously working for major B2B and B2C brands like Eloqua and PUMA.

Here’s a secret to seeing into the future – don’t waste your time gazing at crystal balls, reading palms, staring at the clouds in your coffee, or even browsing blog after blog about what the next big thing is… Instead, just ask the people who are, at present, creating what’s to come in the future. For the future of marketing, over 200 such people will be in Boston October 23rd through the 26th speaking on the very things that will determine what’s next in marketing. The aptly named event, of course, is The Future of Marketing – also known as FutureM – and personally, I’m psyched to be attending! It’s not just me, though, if you’re a savvy marketer, and you’re in (or can be in) Boston for FutureM, here’s why you should attend.

In-Person AND Online Engagement: Before the event even begins, you can interact with attendees online, see who is going (including your friends) and connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. From the standpoint of an attendee, this takes networking to a whole new level by building online relationships before, nurturing those relationships in person during the event, and maintaining contact well after it’s all said and done. From a marketing standpoint, FutureM is setting an outstanding example on how to encourage a powerful blend of online and offline interactions centering around the event. By pairing real world experiences with the online buzz generated via social media, FutureM maximizes the potential impact of the event.

The People: As previously stated, FutureM is bringing together over 200 of the world’s brightest and most innovative marketers to speak. The attendees, if not speakers themselves, are also equally brilliant and forward thinking. Even if you decide to tweet every presentation you attend verbatim and don’t actually absorb the content, the conversations you’ll have afterward will still give you plenty of takeaways. However, you will definitely want to listen to the people FutureM has brought together! To make it easier, we’ve even created a Twitter list of all the speakers for you to follow!

The Content: With more than seventy sessions and presentations spanning topics from Traditional Marketing is Dead! What’s Your Engagement Strategy? to How Lady Gaga is Defining the Future of Marketing there’s plenty of relevant and intriguing information for marketers of all backgrounds and industries. Whether you’re looking for specific insights on how to take your marketing efforts to the next level, or a new level of understanding on marketing topics outside of your typical box, FutureM has just about everything a marketer could want.

The Place: If you don’t know Boston, you will after FutureM, and if you do, you already know Back Bay, Kendall Square and the Innovation District are some of Boston’s best hotspots for professionals and professional fun. The thing is, FutureM encompasses all three areas, so as your mind moves from all the information, you can physically move around and explore Boston!

The Marketing: Part of my own excitement for FutureM comes from the collaboration of SnapApp and MITX in promoting the event. What started as a simple Facebook Sweepstakes app blossomed into an interaction that opened the door for me to actually attend the event and even extend a few special offers to our own Facebook fans… This spirit of collaboration and innovation among marketers is really what FutureM is all about!