FutureM Schedule: Friday, October 26

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Oct 19, 2012

explore the schedule resized 600FutureM is coming soon, and we're really excited! For the next several weeks, we'll be sharing the event schedule with you in segments. Make sure to buy your pass to get access to this whole week of amazing events! MITX members: e-mail info@futurem.org to get the discount code that gets you $100 off your FutureM pass!

The Converged Media Imperative: Why Marketers Must Combine Paid, Owned & Earned
Media & Advertising

Advertising, or "paid" media, has traditionally led marketing initiatives, both online and off, but advertising no longer works as effectively as it did unless bolstered by additional marketing channels. Both "owned" (content) and "earned" (social and consumer-generated) media are now vital to campaigns, helping to amplify and spread brand messages through the myriad, complex paths consumers follow across devices, screens, and media.

In this session, Rebecca Lieb will present the Altimeter Group's new research on converged media, demonstrating why and how marketers are challenged to intercept these elusive customers and cut through the media clutter, regardless of channel or medium. She will explain how and why businesses must change the way marketing departments are organized, build new models to drive collaboration across client brand teams, agency partners and other service providers, shift budgets, and realign metrics and KPIs to effectively measure and assess their creative and media initiatives.

Convergence is already very real in digital channels. This shift is also beginning to occur in offline media. The brands and agencies that understand convergence and the new skills it demands will be better prepared to face future challenges.

Host Organization BIMA - Boston Interactive Media Association
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center


Beyond Cause Marketing

Disruptors and innovators from corporations, marketing agencies, technology startups, and nonprofits will gather for a highly interactive half-day gathering to share new ways to drive social impact. What role can cause-oriented consumers, supply chain management, brand management, crowdfunding, mobile apps, big data, behavioral economics, and employees play in driving profits while creating good?

Host Organization CauseShift
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center


The College Faceoff: Social Media for Social Good

The 2nd Annual College Face-off:Social Media for Social Good is back and better than ever. Student teams from the Boston area’s colleges and universities will design a marketing campaign focusing on social web efforts for a local non-profit organization. Each team will present to a panel of judges, consisting of marketing professionals in the area, with three finalists determined based on the creativity and innovation, plausibility, effectiveness, and presentation of their strategy. The Grand Prize winner will be chosen by the audience using live voting metrics and that team receives a cash prize donation to the non-profit they are paired with. Students have the opportunity to challenge their skills toward social good while marketers have the chance to see how Millenials think on their feet about effective marketing campaigns at this live competition.
Created by FutureM's Student Thought Leaders - a group of undergraduate students engaging their on-campus communities in FutureM.

Host Organization FutureM Student Group
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center

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