FutureM Schedule: Thursday, October 25, Part 3

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Oct 12, 2012

explore the schedule resized 600FutureM is coming soon, and we're really excited! For the next several weeks, we'll be sharing the event schedule with you in segments. Make sure to buy your pass to get access to this whole week of amazing events! MITX members: e-mail info@futurem.org to get the discount code that gets you $100 off your FutureM pass!


The Next Generation of Rich Media
Media & Advertising

The Next Generation rich media panel will share in-depth case studies of recent rich media campaigns that generated high conversion rates and substantial ROI. Audience members gain insight into how to leverage the next generation of rich media and leave with tangible ideas for future campaigns. Benefits: • Learn about the next generation of rich media applications • Understand how to leverage targeting capabilities • Explore advanced performance monitoring and web metrics • Discuss B2B and B2C case studies • Learn how to how to boost campaigns with ad capabilities highlighting sight, sound, and motion

Host Organization Overdrive Interactive
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center


Are Brands Becoming Media Houses?

Marketing, advertising and agency professionals are starting to ask: “Are brands becoming media houses?”It’s clear that marketing is not the way that it used to be. The ways we find, consume and share information have changed dramatically over the past few years. This trend has caused marketers to step back and rethink strategies for addressing potential customers, and assess the ways that they can position themselves as trusted resources—not just product and service providers. This panel discussion will cover how the changes in marketing, publishing and consumer behavior have impacted the way brands strengthen customer loyalty via content.

Host Organization Skyword Inc.
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center

Creating Global Executive Conversations of the Future

Deeper, globally reaching market conversations that define and grow your marketplace are in demand yet need better attention from marketing teams. In the last five to seven years, we’ve been figuring out social media for “reach” and broad interaction. Today, however, thin relationships may not be connecting your marketing strategy to global executive decision-makers and influencers. We’ll look at executive engagement models and thought leadership marketing to create global and executive conversations.

Host Organization Nexus Partners
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center

The Role of the Social Employee

Consumers thirst for real-time information and brand engagement to inform purchase decisions. And the savvy Social Business that satisfies that desire for instant gratification and provides the content customers need to make those decisions will reap the benefits. Despite this fact, many companies fail to recognize the power of their greatest and most scalable asset – their employees. Learn how IBM is educating and activating employees to serve as social media brand ambassadors, the resulting business impact, and how B2B/B2C organizations can develop programs to provide value to target audiences, increase the quality of customer touchpoints and build brand advocacy.

Host Organization Digital Influence Group
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center


Afternoon Delight UnPanel: Marketing’s Future Love Child – the Unholy Union of Man and Machine

Is digital lovin' as good as the real thing? FutureM’s first-ever UnPanel (a panel version of an unconference!) will explore all that is satisfying and all that is wrong with a technology-driven future of marketing, and where real human participation is needed. This marketing orgy features you and a group of partners, led by conversation starters as we attempt to figure out where man fits among the technologies that dominate marketing today. Is the human element needed in marketing’s future? The UnPanel will capture your ideas and deliver a rousing conclusion that will define humans’ role among machines in this brave new marketing world.

Host Organization HB Agency
Venue - Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology

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