FutureM Schedule: Wednesday, October 24, Part 2

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Oct 3, 2012

explore the schedule resized 600FutureM is coming soon, and we're really excited! For the next several weeks, we'll be sharing the event schedule with you in segments. Make sure to buy your pass to get access to this whole week of amazing events! MITX members: e-mail info@futurem.org to get the discount code that gets you $100 off your FutureM pass!


Sustainable Marketing is the Future

We have only one planet, but we're using the resources of five or more planets. Climate change is very real. Freak storms are increasingly common. While there are water shortages in some regions, there are floods in others. In response, corporations are adopting sustainability practices, and products are marketed as "green," "eco-friendly," "environmentally friendly," and "energy efficient." What does it really mean to be sustainable? How can people determine which products are truly better and greener?

Host Organization Eco Marketing
Venue - Hynes Convention Center


How Behavioral Research and Social Insights Deepen Customer Participation

Understanding the behavioral science foundation behind customer “brand love” provides marketers with key levers that can be pulled during launch – and connecting brands to the core components of the self at a subconscious level (human brand connections) is a critical step before building social media buzz. Brands can now create owned, virtual communities enabling them to gather insights from category enthusiasts or activate and involve their most vocal champions. This panel explores the ways brands like Pepsi, New Balance and Frito Lay brands are engaging customers throughout the stage gate process using innovative new methods, and discusses future applications.

Host Organization Schneider Associates
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

Social: Metrics That Will Matter

Social media has quickly become one of the preferred marketing channels. When done right, social media can foster meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. However, since social network advertising is relatively new, many marketers still have many questions, such as: which metrics matter, what ad formats are working or are not working, how to evaluate these campaigns and how to efficiently and effectively optimize. Our presentation will address these questions, in addition to reviewing our findings from our joint white paper with Kenshoo. We will also unveil our newly defined metric that all marketers should be using to measure success

Host Organization Resolution Media
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

The Future State of Mobile Audience: Scale, Targeting and Tracking
Media & Advertising

Mobile subscriptions have already passed the population of the US - and will continue to grow. Most marketers have realized the incredible opportunity mobile brings. What they're stuck on, however, is how to target and approach this massive audience at scale. This panel offers marketers insight into the scale and breadth of mobile audiences, how they compare to their PC analogs, how and why marketers should reach them, and how to respectively gain insights based on mobile consumer behavior. Attendees will hear from ad network, ad agency, and data execs about how audience is shaping the mobile advertising landscape.

Host Organization JumpTap
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

Attracting A Million Members In A Flash: Joss & Main and Content Commerce
Mobile & Commerce

Building a loyal following around your business is important, but how do you find the right audience and turn consumer curiosity into actual currency? John Mulliken, co-founder and general manager of Joss & Main, discusses how his company went from 0 members to over 1 million décor devotees in less than 18 months, and is on track to pull in more than $100 million by year’s end. John will share new & unconventional methods to obtaining members, and building the future of engagement marketing in a rapidly changing, rapidly growing landscape of novel e-commerce formats.

Host Organization Joss & Main
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center

Software Marketing in an Open Source World
Mobile & Commerce

Open Source software has taken hold in the enterprise and Red Hat and Acquia are driving the revolution – a revolution that raises a variety of new challenges for software marketing professionals including:

  • Brand differentiation when technology converges
  • Positioning in a post-Features & Functions world 
  • Channel partner development with an open source solution
  • Ecosystem cultivation to influence software adoption

Join Ontios, Red Hat and Acquia for a spirited discussion into how the worlds leading open source firms are rethinking enterprise software marketing, supporting their ecosystems and propelling tremendous growth through both traditional and social media, channels outreach and other innovative approaches.

Host Organization Red Hat
Venue - Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center

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