FutureM Schedule: Tuesday, October 23, Part 4

Posted by Kate Jurras on Mon, Oct 1, 2012

explore the schedule resized 600FutureM is coming soon, and we're really excited! For the next several weeks, we'll be sharing the event schedule with you in segments. Make sure to buy your pass to get access to this whole week of amazing events! MITX members: e-mail info@futurem.org to get the discount code that gets you $100 off your FutureM pass!


FutureM/IMS Shared Keynote - Digital Disruption: Why No One is Equipped for the New Era of Marketing

During this provocative presentation, Shiv Singh will discuss why marketers, agencies, venture capitalists, startups and media companies continue to struggle to adapt to a world that is going increasingly digital. The role of real-time marketing, the changing of business models, the separation of brands from products and how driving advocacy, purchase intent and selling is changing. He'll also discuss how Facebook can turn into a $100 stock very quickly.

Host Organization IMS & FutureM
Venue - Hynes Convention Center


FutureM Feud

FutureM is introducing its first live game show this year: FutureM Feud! Modeled after Family Feud, a team of millennial marketers and a team of seasoned industry professionals will go head to head in unveiling surprising trends paving the way for the future of marketing. The questions are designed for FutureM attendees to discover what Millenials see for the future of mobile, social, digital, and branding versus experienced marketers. The final question will be tweeted for audience members and #FutureM followers to determine the answer. Join us at FutureM Feud to be surprised by what these contestants (and the audience!) predict for the future of marketing.
Created by FutureM's Student Thought Leaders - a group of undergraduate students engaging their on-campus communities in FutureM.

Host Organization FutureM Student Group
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

Small Start-Ups Can Work With Big Brands

For an established brand, working with a tech start-up means access to creative ideas and energy. For the start-up, getting that first big brand to say “yes” can make your company. But there are risks and challenges on both sides. In this session, 5 innovative marketing start-ups will present case studies, showcasing successful partnerships with big brands. Each case study will show real results, while providing top tips and advice for current brands and start-ups looking to work together. At the end, the audience will have time to ask the presenting experts their pressing questions.

Host Organization Promoboxx
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

The End of Market Research As We Know It? MRX Futures

Marketing research will always be integral to making the right marketing decisions. What types of research will the marketing of the future need? How will organizations in 2015 research their customers, prospects and markets? Join our distinguished slate of speakers, each of whom will discuss one aspect of the future of market research for 15 minutes: - The future of customer experience measurement - The future of customer loyalty - The future of enterprise feedback management - The future of innovation research - The future of insight communities - The future of social media research - And more!

Host Organization Affinnova
Venue - Hynes Convention Center

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