Temperature@lert: Warming Up Your Users

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Sep 7, 2012

Diane Deng resized 600This post is part of the September blog series. With FutureM coming in October (do you have your pass yet?!), we're thinking a lot about marketers and consumers, and this series reflects that. We asked our writers to answer this question: "what is it going to take for marketers to catch up to consumers?" We'll be sharing several posts each week of the month. Stay tuned for diverse viewpoints and creative answers to this question. This post is by Diane Deng, Advertising Acrobat (Online Marketing Coordinator). Born and raised a Bostonian, Diane graduated with a BS from Boston University in Communications with a specialty in Advertising. Aerodynamic Diane spends her spare time flying in the air through her practice of aerial yoga while pursuing her Masters in Visual Arts at Harvard. Not only is she a flying machine but a marketing machine as well. She recently launched her first national cross-promotional marketing campaign. When Diane is not gliding on yoga swings, she swiftly manages Temperature@lert's new media accounts while building client and affiliate relationships. For this airborne gal, she likes her temperature like she likes her aerial yoga, a warm 78 degrees.

Temperature@lert has tons of users (30,000 devices worldwide), but converting them from user to consumer varies across all verticals. It seems more important now than ever to know your user in order for them to become your consumer. There’s no simple wax-on, wax-off technique nowadays and it’s definitely time to consider how to warm up your users.

First let’s define user and consumer in the easiest manner:

User: Purchased and uses product or service.
Consumer: Purchased and consumes product or service.

The definitions most certainly seem the same; however, there is a major difference. Users just use your product or service but have not become loyal to your brand. Therefore, a consumer is someone who not only uses your products and services but also actually consumes your brand. What is this consumption of brand? Well that’s brand loyalty. But getting brand loyalty with all the noise from media bombardments have made it slightly more difficult. No longer can you focus on just traditional marketing or just new media; you need both and you need them tailored to each vertical.

In order to warm up your users, you need to get to know them first. Human nature dictates that most people desire to be noticed despite how big or small their order is. At Temperature@lert we treat all our users equally, because it wouldn’t be fair for someone to cut in line. However we always make sure to take care of all our users in a timely manner whether it’s e-mail correspondences or answering tech support tickets. We even check our work e-mails at night and on the weekends, that’s just our Temperature@lert team motto.

When dealing with users in different verticals, you need to know what they want, what they need, and how to provide solutions quickly and effectively. In order to do this you just need to pay attention. Notice if there are trends going on with new medical policies in your bio-pharmaceutical vertical. Notice if there’s a more recent release of server software in your IT/Data Center vertical. Notice if there’s been a recent spike in non-proper food transportation monitoring in your commercial refrigeration vertical. By noticing such details, your users will appreciate the fact that you’re making the effort to assist them.  

Knowing what they want and need is one thing; knowing how to reach them is part two. Certain verticals or users tend to only check their email on Wednesday afternoons around 3pm, others prefer Monday evenings around 5, while others might like Tuesday mornings at 11am. Look at the analytics and make a plan, do some A/B testing, and find out what works in each vertical then maximize it to your advantage. After all, you don’t know if something works till you try it. Never forget that there are users who still prefer the traditional methods of advertising, give them a call or send them a mailer. Knowing how they want to receive the information makes all the difference.

Marketers don’t need to catch up to consumers; they need to convert users to consumers. Reach out and show them you care and you’ll soon be surprising your users by having solutions for them before they even need to request it. That’s how you create consumers with true brand loyalty. Temperature@lert firmly believes in averting disasters before they can happen, so turn your user into a consumer by showing your loyalty to them and they’ll warm up to you.