Website Data: The Ultimate User Profiling Tool

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

bethany2 resized 600For the July blog series, we asked some of Boston's greatest thought leaders to speak on a particularly complicated (but relevant) subject: tracking, targeting, and privacy. Their responses were surprising, fascinating, and applicable - and we think you'll find this series quite interesting! This post is by Bethany Walsh, Interactive Marketing Manager at Boston Interactive. Bethany is a marketing maven with a penchant for meaningful content, relationship management and digital strategy. After working hours, you’ll find her out and about in Cambridge sampling the local fare, sipping local brews, and snacking on different cupcake offerings around the area.

By building user profiles from our data analysis, you will be able to make impactful site changes, improve keyword search terms, and target your audience both online and offline. A clear and thoughtful analysis of all of the data will provide the more accurate information about who your users are and what marketing techniques are most successful.