What Does Innovation Mean to You? (7 of 7)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Jun 6, 2012

We asked each of the Innovation Awards finalists to answer the much-harder-than-it-sounds question: “What does innovation mean to you?” We’ll be sharing their sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always inspirational responses in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are: you’re innovative, too! Leave a comment and tell us which of these quotes impacted you the most, and how YOU are innovative. Oh, and see you at the ceremony!

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Vsnap: Innovation is the DNA of our organization. The reason we exist is to introduce a new, better way for businesses to communicate with customers and colleagues.

WordStream:For WordStream, innovation means leveraging cutting-edge technology and algorithms to help small and mid-sized businesses drive exceptional marketing results. We strive to build and continually improve upon products and deliver services that enable clients to seize opportunities in online marketing.

Yieldbot:"Innovation is a core value for our team and the act that endows our partners with a new capacity to create value." - Peter Drucker

Ziptr: Innovation is about leveraging cutting edge technology to improve people's lives.  Innovators look at the world and see limitless possibility for improvements and enhancements.  Turning those possibilities into reality is a thing of beauty.

Zmags: At Zmags, we make it everyone's job to be passionate and think creatively. While it may be the most visible technology that grabs headlines, true innovation happens in every job, at every level, every day. We firmly hold that making mistakes is core to innovation. Success is in resilience - it's about taking smart risk, often falling down, getting back up, and most importantly always learning.

Zoora: Innovation means empowering consumers with personalized, science-based information to allow them to optimize their health and wellness outcomes. It involves engaging many voices in an ongoing conversation about how to best meet consumers where they are and help them reach their goals. And, it is staying on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and new technologies with the potential to enhance our user experience.

We've reached the end of the seven part series! Have you read them all? Which quote was your favorite? Will we see you at the ceremony!?