What Does Innovation Mean to You? (5 of 7)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Mon, Jun 4, 2012

We asked each of the Innovation Awards finalists to answer the much-harder-than-it-sounds question: “What does innovation mean to you?” We’ll be sharing their sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always inspirational responses in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are: you’re innovative, too! Leave a comment and tell us which of these quotes impacted you the most, and how YOU are innovative. Oh, and see you at the ceremony!

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OfficeDrop: At OfficeDrop, we believe that innovation is about more than just doing something new. It’s also about understanding your customers and giving them exactly what they need. We build our cloud solutions to give small businesses access to the benefits of the paperless office. Our mobile and desktop apps enable customers to store and access paper documents in the cloud from anywhere, at any time. Long plagued with the burden of paper-based business processes, small businesses were historically unable to take advantage of the economies of scale that helped larger businesses go paperless years ago. Now, with technologies designed specifically for this unique audience, going paperless and getting organized in the cloud is easy for small businesses. We also help our OEM partners deliver cutting-edge cloud applications to their small business customers, increasing the reach of our service and providing even more small businesses with time-saving cloud solutions. We speak with customers constantly, and they consistently report that their workflow and methods of conducting business have been completely transformed as a result of using OfficeDrop. At OfficeDrop, we know that moving to the cloud is a game-changer for small businesses, and it’s our commitment to innovation that keeps them ahead of the game.

Pangea Media/ SnapApp: Envisioning the way things "could be" in order to create the future today.

Practically Green: It means bringing about positive changes in people's daily lives by making something they need and want to do simpler, faster and/or way more fun.

Privy: At Privy, innovation means building products that consistently add value to small, local businesses.

SavingStar: For SavingStar, innovation means fundamentally changing the way our industry operates. More specifically, SavingStar is the easiest way for shoppers to save money on their groceries, offering the only national fully digital grocery savings service - no clipping or printing required. For CPG's, SavingStar "closes the loop" on brands' marketing promotions by measuring their effectiveness with the largest network of household brand-purchases, enabling them to significantly improving their advertising efficiency.

ScreenRetriever: Innovation at ScreenRetriever means identifying a problem faced by consumers that is not adequately addressed by other products, inventing a uniquely different, effective and easy to use solution and bringing it to market.

SCVNGR + LevelUp: Innovation means that we haven't slept in years, don't plan to sleep any time soon and always think about the user experience first.