What Does Innovation Mean to You? (4 of 7)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Jun 1, 2012

We asked each of the Innovation Awards finalists to answer the much-harder-than-it-sounds question: “What does innovation mean to you?” We’ll be sharing their sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always inspirational responses in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are: you’re innovative, too! Leave a comment and tell us which of these quotes impacted you the most, and how YOU are innovative. Oh, and see you at the ceremony!

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Kaon Interactive: To us, innovation is creating technology that exceeds expectations, by revolutionizing how people and organizations work together to achieve superior results.

Lifeables: Creating something that people look at and say "why on earth didn't I think of that?"

LiquidPixels: Humans shouldn't work for computers. At LiquidPixels, we believe technology should make our lives easier: that's why we're dedicated to innovating a new generation of powerful, intuitive imaging solutions.

Locately: "The introduction of new or significantly improved products (goods or services), processes, organizational methods, and marketing methods in internal business practices or the marketplace." (National Science Foundation)

Modo Labs: At Modo Labs, Innovation is core to our DNA - our technology was originally developed at MIT, renowned for its world changing innovations across all fields. We are a group of technologists and dreamers, grounded in the operational business needs of a large organization, who wanted to solve the real world problems we faced and share it with others. The problem we faced was how to help organizations and developers produce next-generation mobile apps and websites and worked hard to make Kurogo (kurogo.org), quick to deploy, easy to use, and sophisticated enough to handle any mobile challenge. While we could have taken other approaches that may have been easier or faster, we decided to do what we felt was right and build something that we could be really proud of; and more importantly, our customers and their users would find solved their problems in a manner that was both enjoyable to use and to create. For us, being innovative is being bold, addressing the needs of your market now and tomorrow, abiding by your beliefs to not compromise the experience of the user, and always pushing to make our software simpler, easier, and more powerful for the betterment of the entire mobile community.

Nexage: At Nexage, innovation means challenging existing processes and each other to build the most reliable and advanced mobile advertising technology for the betterment and economic success of our customers and this industry as a whole.

Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club & IDEA: At Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club and IDEA we pride ourselves on innovative approaches to traditional university-led entrepreneurship by giving students the opportunity to be leaders and take the reigns to develop programs and experiences for their peers.

Nuance: Nuance is passionate about improving the way people interact and experience their mobile devices, apps and content, by simultaneously simplifying interactions and making them more powerful and intuitive. By combining Nuance’s renowned Dragon voice recognition technology with innovations in Natural Language Understanding, unique analytical tools and elements of artificial intelligence, Nuance’s Dragon Go! not only hears what people are searching for but understand what they want. Dragon Go! provides people with a quick way to directly access the information they desire simply by speaking instead of scrolling through pages of blue links to find the best destinations for the content. Nuance’s innovations in voice and language understanding provide people with more choice and flexibility, and ultimately, instant gratification in their mobile experience.