What Does Innovation Mean to You? (1 of 7)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, May 29, 2012

We asked each of the Innovation Awards finalists to answer the much-harder-than-it-sounds question: “What does innovation mean to you?” We’ll be sharing their sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always inspirational responses in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are: you’re innovative, too! Leave a comment and tell us which of these quotes impacted you the most, and how YOU are innovative. Oh, and see you at the ceremony!

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Academic Room: At Academic Room, innovation is both a business and a cultural process to disrupt traditional forms of education and replace them with models that could lead to greater performance, efficacy and creativity. By augmenting and even supplanting the traditional materiality of texts with online resources, we are democratizing access to education for the entire planet. This is possible because the Internet allows us to transgress disciplinary, geographical and cultural boundaries with unprecedented ease—our innovation harnesses this new paradigm to revolutionize the delivery of educational content that is embedded within a highly structured social platform.

Affinnova, Inc.: Our mission is to harness our passion, creativity and mastery to invent and deliver technologies that transform innovation. As has become increasingly obvious since 2008, we need even greater innovation if we are to increase the prosperity of people and businesses worldwide.

Alleyoop: At Alleyoop, we are passionate about using technology to solve the problem of college readiness. We believe that the unique combination of rich content, game mechanics and our powerful recommendation engine will yield dramatic results for teens using Alleyoop to better prepare themselves for the challenges of higher education. Our technology, a unique algorithm that learns how kids learn and serves up content based on their individual needs, is an innovative way to deliver the kind of tailored educational content that kids need to thrive. With Alleyoop, we've built a platform where all kinds of great content and innovative new formats are available to students in their quest to get ready for college, careers and life. We think that young people stand to benefit tremendously from the innovations of the digital age, and it's our job to apply that innovation to the college readiness process.

Amara: At Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), innovation means building new and creative tools that leverage the open power of the web -- tools that enable each and every one of us to participate and engage in the world we live in.

AppBlade: We believe that innovation means challenging conventions and pushing ideas into the real world. It's easy to come up with an idea, it's harder to make that idea a reality, and making things a reality is what's truly innovative.

Apperian Inc.: Innovation is the dedicated process of transforming a simple idea into a liberated reality; it’s the blood, sweat and tears of creating or improving the wants and needs in order to continuously move our customers forward.

aPriori: Innovation at aPriori means two primary things: 1. Helping our customers find new ways to generate hard-dollar cost savings in their product design, engineering, manufacturing and sourcing operations. 2. Automating the product cost management process such that design teams can evaluate multiple design options, and spend more time focused on product innovation and less time focused on product cost estimates.

Bluetrain Mobile: Innovation means never saying "that can't be done on a mobile website." No matter how outlandish the idea, we work to make it a reality.

Boston College TechTrek East: Innovation is providing rocket fuel for student success. Our programs have linked area firms, executives, founders, and venture partners in ways that educate, inspire, spark entrepreneurship, and launch careers.