The Future of Marketing - Part 2 of 4

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Thu, May 3, 2012

Chris ColbertWhat will the future of Marketing look like? How will it be different than today? In this guest blog series exploring these very questions, Chris Colbert, CEO of Holland-Mark, shares his thoughts on market research and the advantages of seeking "truths." Do you have an opinion on the future of Marketing? Submit a session proposal to speak on the subject at FutureM 2012, or share your opinion here.

In the future…

…more marketers will embrace context as central to success. They will walk away from the supposed universal media-centric solutions and focus on understanding the context of the relationship the target customer has with their category, the issue, the task, the role, the desire, and the need. They will seek to understand how the target customers feel about it all; how they think about selection and consumption; how they go about addressing the problem.  As they seek to understand context, new forms of market research will appear that allow for a far more in-depth, intimate and actionable view of the customer.

In the future…

…I hope more marketers seek the truth. There is something that happens in the marketing process where objectivity gets pushed to the side and emotion takes over; the marketer’s belief in their idea trumps all data, criticism and market reaction. Their baby could not possibly be ugly. With the crush of competition and the increasing fickleness of consumers, perhaps truth seeking will become embraced at every stage, from opportunity identification and prototyping to development and performance assessment. Creating empirical measures of truth around initial marketing performance, measures of love versus like, and competitive advantage are essential - and ideally, they will become the new standard for effective marketing behavior.

How important will context be to marketers in the future? Do you think measuring "truth" will be the new standard for analyzing effective marketing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or join the discussion on LinkedIn.

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