The Future of Marketing - Part 1 of 4

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Wed, May 2, 2012

chris colbert resized 600What will the future of Marketing look like? How will it be different than today? In this guest blog series exploring these very questions, Chris Colbert, CEO of Holland-Mark, will compare the “world of motivating people to buy things” today with what he sees happening tomorrow. In the first part of the series, Chris shares his view of product development and social. Do you have an opinion on the future of Marketing? Submit a session proposal to speak on the subject at FutureM 2012, or share your opinion here.

Unlike my gifted psychic friend Alex at the Boston Tea Room, I cannot see into the future. In fact, I can barely see in front of me.  But I can just make out some patterns and textures that might reflect what is coming to the world of marketing - the world of motivating people to buy things.     

These patterns and textures are, in part, derivative of the continued and kind of crazy technological advances. But, as importantly, they are impacted by the never-changing nature of man and the ever-changing state of society and culture.  

In the future…

…value will not be enough. The commoditization and parity that has reared its head in every sector will force old and new businesses to drill down on what really matters to their customers and focus in on what is fundamentally different than what their competitors are selling and doing. In the future, belly button gazing product development will be extinct.  Distinct value - and only distinct value - will win.  

In the future…

…there will be a desperate search for less. Consumers will max out on inputs, information and choice. There will be a re-set in social media with selectivity of who and what you connect with taking on a whole new importance. The brands and businesses that find that perfect intersection between delivering it just the way we want it and keeping it simple will win.

What will product development and social marketing look like in the future? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or join the discussion on LinkedIn.

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