Sitdowns With Startups - Bluetrain Mobile

Posted by Mark Frushour on Thu, Jun 7, 2012

This might be some hush-hush, Web 3.0 kinda stuff, but I've heard "mobile devices" are the web's next frontier. Apparently, people are taking their telephones outside the house and using them to send electronic mail and access the World Wide Web! Alright - kidding - but let's face it, an enormous number of businesses just aren't leveraging the mobile web like they could be. Today, Dave chats with Bluetrain Mobile, a startup entirely focused on helping their customers create an engaging mobile experience for their brand. In addition to providing a holistic approach to nailing down mobile strategy, Bluetrain's Mobile Grader tool shows where even established mobile sites may be falling short.

In the first clip, Dave speaks with Conductor/CEO Steffan Berelowitz, and then follows it up with what we in the biz like to call "bonus footage" with VP/Conductor of Marketing Andy Komack. Enjoy.