A Refresh: the Celebration of Innovation In June

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Apr 20, 2012

Do you live in Boston? Do you know someone who lives in Boston? Did you go to Boston one time on an elementary school field trip and you really liked it and sometimes you still dream about it? Don't worry, that's totally normal. We at MITX are BIG fans of Boston, and we love to celebrate the things that are happening in our great community.

As Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki said at a recent event, “Boston is an embarrassment of innovation, [and we’re] particularly good when different forms of creativity and innovation intersect.” The Innovation Awards (coming to you soon on June 12!) are intended to celebrate the intersection of innovation with the way we work and play, and we’re know to pick the best of them (more on this later when we highlight the achievements of last year’s finalists).

nerd girl resized 600If you’ve been with MITX for a while, you probably remember the Tech Awards. They were pretty cool. But last year we decided that our second annual awards show could be a LOT more fun. Thus began the transformation of Tech Awards into Innovation Awards! You know that scene in every teen movie in which the nerdy but obviously attractive underdog takes her glasses off and suddenly she’s not so nerdy after all? It was like that. But the Innovation Awards are still pretty nerdy. We love nerds – just check out Debi Kleiman’s post on Boston.com’s Global Business Hub!

We’re frantically preparing the best celebration yet, and while the ceremony isn’t until June 12th, we’ve got plenty of exciting things for you to pay attention to while you wait for the party of the year. Here’s what’s happening now:

  • Round two of judging begins next week! Our superhero judges will narrow down the awesome submissions to a pool of incredible finalists.
  • We’re about to announce the awesome host of the ceremony.
  • Oh, and early bird tickets are on sale now, and that’s cool, ‘cause who doesn’t like cheap stuff?

Have you been to a MITX award show before? Did you submit a project to this year’s Innovation Awards? Tell us why you’re excited for the big show in the comments below!