This is Our FutureM 2012 - What's Yours?

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Mon, Apr 23, 2012

We are officially kicking off our 3rd Annual FutureM. The search for the best, most thought-provoking sessions and the most exciting sponsorship partners has now begun.  And just like an actual three-year-old toddler, this is the year where our imagination and dreams for FutureM take over. 

FutureM 2012

We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, where our event fits in the spectrum of all the existing event options, what we want from the experience and (a little of) what you are looking for (although we can never get enough of that from you!).  We have big dreams, goals and ideas for FutureM, so we thought we’d share them with you to spark a discussion around what you want from the experience this year.

The 2012 Vision   

You may have noticed that we never refer to FutureM as a conference – because we view it as more than that; we want it to be an experience that you’ll never forget.   We want everyone to end the week with questions and thoughts that lead to more discussion and discovery.  We don’t want our attendees to leave with a long list of immediate how to’s (although we understand the value of that as well, more on that later).  FutureM is the event for discussing and debating the future of Marketing.   We want it to be investigative, exploratory, hands-on, and to provide attendees with ideas and inspiration that will stick with them long after it ends.  And so, this is the first of our three main focuses this year: to choose events and sessions that provide the right foundation for exploration and thinking. 

“The future” is another key focus; we want the content discussed at this year’s event to answer the questions “what’s new” and “what’s next” in Marketing.  Our “perfect world” vision of a FutureM session is one in which the speakers are willing to take a stand on provocative, debatable questions for Marketers like, is big data too big? Or is social just beginning or is it totally over?  

You also may notice we capitalize the “M” in Marketing.  We are seeing the transformation of entire organizations who, through advancements in digital technologies and innovations, are able to more closely connect to their customers, employees and partners.  This transformation is Marketing, capital M.  Areas such as product design and development, R&D, human resources and customer support are all now Marketing, every day.  At FutureM 2012, we want to bring everyone in the innovation spectrum together, including students, marketers of all kinds, designers, creatives, developers, and senior executives, to be inspired to keep creating and defining the future of Marketing.













And FutureM is not just for innovators of all kinds; it’s for doers and thinkers from all places.  Our third focus for the year is on growing FutureM to a national platform – and we have the momentum to do it this year. To help with this, we’ll be making the experience more for someone who has never been to Boston.  For that reason (and our own sanity as well), we are focusing on 4 days of content (instead of 5) in three key spots in the Greater Boston area:  Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and Innovation District, and Kendall Square in Cambridge (instead of the 18 locations we had last year).

Not only do we want national attendees, we want speakers and sponsors from across the globe.  While it makes sense for Boston to host this important experience, as it is the birthplace of many innovations and ideas that are transforming marketing and business - we want to hear all kinds of perspectives and ideas. Our key sectors of leadership will be well represented, but we want some totally out-of-the-box thinking – “left-field” thinking is welcome.  We understand that coming away with practical and immediate how-to’s are also helpful for attendees so we’re co-locating with our partners, the Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS), this year.  The two-day IMS conference will happen during the first two days of FutureM, both at the Hynes Convention Center.   Our two events will share keynotes and showcases, enabling attendees to attend FutureM or IMS or both. 

Lastly, you’ll hear us talk a lot about FutureM as being “community driven.”  We want you to drive as much of the experience as possible.   We want you to lead the sessions, share the event with your friends, clients and partners, and get involved in any and every way you want to. 

So, lots of changes and exciting new ideas for FutureM 2012. Our dreams are big and bold. This is our vision for FutureM. What’s yours? Start sharing your dreams, goals, and ideas for FutureM in the comments below.

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