Member Spotlight! Hubspot

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Apr 6, 2012

Get to know a MITX member! This month we're featuring HubSpot.

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1. How was HubSpot founded, and what inspired its creation?

The founders of HubSpot® met at MIT in 2004. Both were interested in the transformative impacts of the internet on small businesses and were early students of Web 2.0 concepts. The discussions and early work were ongoing for two years and in June of 2006 the company was officially founded and funded. Find out more here!

2. What makes HubSpot different than other companies in your marketspace?

  • HubSpot brings together everything you’d need to run a marketing strategy in one intuitive place.
  • It integrates with and other major CRM systems so you can see the ROI of your marketing efforts across channels.
  • HubSpot users saw an average increase of 32% more leads per month after three months of use (source).
  • HubSpot has an ever-expanding marketplace of apps, integrations and services to help customize your account.

3. What has been HubSpot’s greatest accomplishment in the last 12 months?

HubSpot added awesome new email and lead nurturing tools to its marketing software platform over the last year. HubSpot started in 2006 as a company that helped businesses get found online using blogs, social media and search engine optimization, then convert those visitors into leads. Over the last year we've added a series of email and lead nurturing tools that help customers take the next step -- to convert those visitors into customers.
Most email platforms force users to upload leads and manage complicated syncing operations between difference services. Since HubSpot's email and nurturing tools are part of HubSpot's all-in-one marketing software platform, there's no need for such complicated coordination in HubSpot. And because email and nurturing are tracked in the same place as top-of-the-funnel marketing activity, HubSpot users get much deeper closed-loop insight, allowing them to determine which marketing campaigns are working and which aren't.
4. What is the biggest challenge HubSpot faces in the marketplace today?

Education is today's biggest challenge. The marketing world is changing quickly -- from one dominated by traditional outbound marketing tactics (the sledge hammer approach) to one dominated by new inbound marketing tactics (the magnet approach). HubSpot aims to educate marketers about new inbound marketing tactics and and empower them with tools that help them implement these tactics.
5. Why is HubSpot a MITX member?
HubSpot is a MITX member because HubSpot is a proud Massachusetts marketing software firm. HubSpot wants to support marketing and technology initiatives in the Massachusetts area, and there is no better way to do that than through MITX.