Member Spotlight! Oasis

Posted by Kate Jurras on Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Get to know a MITX member: Oasis!

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1. How was Oasis founded, and what inspired its creation?

Oasis was founded in 2001 by Jeff McMahon, Nick Laidlaw and Bob Naughton after selling their previous company, an online collaboration platform. Thomson Financial and several other local companies needed assistance with developing their online strategy as well as building highly scalable websites and marketing campaigns. The three founders recognized the market demand and established Oasis under the premise that a true full-service digital agency needed both strategy and creative as well as deep technical capabilities in order to deliver a rich interactive experience for clients.

2. What makes Oasis different than other companies in your market space?

Unlike most agencies, Oasis has a deep technical bench of over 30 developers. Oasis doesn’t just deliver a strategic plan and aesthetically beautiful creative concepts; we  provide highly functional end-to-end solutions that create specific and measureable value for clients. This allows clients to connect to their customers, partners, employees and other key stakeholders in a much more meaningful way.

3. What has been Oasis’s greatest accomplishment in 2011?

Oasis grew substantially in 2011. The company added key Fortune 100 brands to the existing roster of top global brands allowing the company to achieve substantial double digit growth and increase headcount by over 30%. While achieving growth is a challenge for any business in this weak economy, it speaks to the growing importance of interactive marketing in today’s marketplace as well as the relevance of Oasis’ service offering. Overall marketing budgets may be shrinking, but a significant portion of overall spending is made in the digital space as companies realize that they can achieve a higher ROI and better tracking and reporting by investing in their online presence. Helping clients reach greater returns helps us to build our reputation and gain traction in the market.

4. What is the biggest challenge Oasis is facing in the marketplace today?

The biggest challenge Oasis is facing is the same challenge that our industry as a whole is facing, which is attracting and training new employees and future leaders.  We need to get more young people interested in the field at an earlier age.  We need to provide more training, education and development opportunities before candidates even enter the workforce. Then, once a new employee comes on board, they need to have a professional development roadmap that includes substantial training and mentorship. We are addressing this challenge by having senior staff guest lecture in top universities and integrating active co-op programs within our account service and web development departments. This strategy has been successful, with co-op programs and collegiate recruiting yielding over 50% of our new hires each year. I think as an industry we can be doing even more.

5. Why are you a MITX member?

We are a member of MITX because we believe it is important to be part of the overall interactive marketing community. Ours is an industry of ideas and innovation. MITX allows us to tap into that ecosystem. We appreciate the opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to events like FutureM that are designed to create conversation about new ideas and solving problems. The MITX Awards, which recognizes the achievements of the interactive marketing community, is another great way to see what the rest of the interactive community is doing as well as a nice venue to spotlight the cutting edge work we are doing for our clients.

In addition to great ideas and keeping our pulse on the market, MITX also gives us access to a community of the best minds in the business.  Whether we are looking for future leaders to join our company or looking to meet our next big client, it is likely that those people are members of the MITX community.