7 Things You May Not Know About The MITX Awards – Post Battle Edition

Posted by Debi Kleiman on Tue, Dec 6, 2011

MITX Team with John Michael HiggansWe said it was about epic battles, but really it was just plain epic.

Last night’s 16th Annual MITX Awards was one for the books. A great crowd. Amazing finalists and winners (Congrats!!). An amazing networking scene. A giant celebration of what’s new at the intersection of marketing and technology.

Thank you to our winners and finalists for being awesome. To our sponsors, judges, and volunteers for their huge contribution to a successful event. To John Michael Higgins for being unbelievably entertaining.

Now that we’ve been through it, I thought I’d share some of the story behind how the MITX Awards come to be each year.

  1. It takes a village (and about 6 months) to put on this show. We have a committee of about 15 people, and two full-time MITXers who work together for months planning the call for entries, the categories, the judging, sponsorship and the show itself. It’s an enormous project and each year we try to do it better – ensuring that it’s meaningful and relevant for our community.

  2. Our sponsors reflect our dynamic digital ecosystem – and that’s how we like it. A show of this magnitude needs great sponsors who are willing to support it. We are so fortunate to have an incredible group of sponsors who give us the means to put on the best show possible. And they are psyched to do it! They are fueling the growth of this community, and playing key roles in shaping the path ahead: Professional Services that support our industry, like PwC, DLA Piper, HireMinds, and Onward Search; Media powerhouses like Boston.com and the Boston Globe; technology platforms like AdBeast, Flashtalking, ShareThis, and Sitecore; and agencies and brands like SapientNitro, The Atom Group, Pod Digital Design, Putnam, and Velir.

  3. Each year we pick a theme for the show, to unite all the creative elements and add entertainment value. After all, we are marketers – the show has to reflect our creativity as a community. This year we had a huge challenge picking the theme since we used some really good ones in recent years: movies, sports, gaming. We had to get super creative. Once we landed on our Epic Battles theme, it all came together. Everyone on the committee got into the action and started brainstorming all kinds of crazy stuff.

  4. We have 100 judges who spend hours pouring over submissions, debating and reviewing until they were certain. This year, for the second round, these judges even took a half day from work to complete the process. The judges are all experts in the fields they judge, bring their smarts and passion for the category to the judging table, and help us immensely along the way.

  5. There is a ton going on behind the scenes at the show that you don’t see, but that’s what makes it so good. Our awesome partners at MassAV are major professionals who manage all aspects of the production so it comes off without a hitch: things like a teleprompter, a professional “caller” (who calls the show and lets the team know what to do when), complex and creative lights and stage dress, highly technical cameras and screens, and thinking holistically about how it all comes together.

  6. The Loomers, the band that supports the show, is made up of industry people who love to jam; they match each song they play during the show to something about the winner. (Did you notice it?) They have been performing at the MITX Awards for many, many years. They can be pretty hilarious.

  7. Finally, the show is made extra special by the fantastic (and hilarious) videos our creative agency friends put together to entertain you. Can you imagine the show without them? We can’t!

So what do you think? Pretty amazing, eh? Let us know what you thought of the night, or give a shout out to your favorite winner or sponsor in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!