MITX Interactive Awards #EpicBattles Vol. 03: Coke vs. Pepsi

Posted by Brian Shirley on Thu, Oct 27, 2011

As you may recall, the theme of the 2011 MITX Interactive Awards is Epic Battles.  Every week leading up to the ceremony on December 5th, we'll be discussing a new Epic Battle.  Read on for the latest discussion.

No surprise, the winner of last week's #MITXEpicBattle was HTML5. Thanks to all who voted!

This week's battle is epically epic. It's a rivalry that has lasted over 100 years (well, that's what the Internet tells us), and it tends to evoke strong opinions. So, without further ado, we present to you the baddest of all epic battles: Coke versus Pepsi!

MITX Epic Battle Vol 3

The flavor differences are subtle (some might say indetectable), and yet everyone has an opinion. That's what makes this battle particularly interesting. Do you like Pepsi's sweeter taste, or do you prefer the crisper flavor of Coke? Not a soda drinker? Then choose the brand you think has the stronger marketing and advertising strategy.

Fizzy Factoids:

Coke, sales-wise, tends to be just ahead of Pepsi.
In fact, "Coke" is often used to replace the word "soda."
Pepsi's 2010 Refresh Project reappropriates advertising money to fund community projects, a complete change in their former marketing and advertising tactics.
A tie has been declared in almost every taste test run by either brand.
Some people have been known to prefer one brand when drinking from a bottle, and the other when drinking from a can.

EpicBattle Facebook Poll

Intruiging, no? So put down your soda, and place your Facebook vote now! And if you really feel caffeinated, tell us why you made your choice in the comments.

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Don't forget to join us at the 2011 MITX Interactive Awards ceremony on December 5th to celebrate all of our Epic Battles!