Fighting cancer and an important learning experience

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Sep 22, 2011

Guest post by Jeff Freedman, CEO, Small Army. Find Jeff on Twitter!

At the recent MITX FutureM event, everyone in the MITX community had the opportunity to witness how much we can learn from one another’s experiences. Here, I share one of the most important experiences in my life in hopes that you will not only learn, but pass on to others.

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In 2007, after a 2-year battle with cancer, my business partner, Mike Connell, lost his life to cancer. Those two years were among the most important years of my life, as I learned how to cope with unforeseen challenges, maintain positive spirits in difficult times and, most importantly, be there for friends and family in need.

The truth is that I did not learn these things on my own, but through Mike himself. I watched him cope with the unforeseen challenge of cancer with the strength and fortitude I could only dream of. As those around him cried, he raised their spirits with kind and encouraging words. And, as he prepared to leave this earth, he prepared his family and friends for a future without him.

To honor Mike for all he taught us, and continue his fight against cancer, we at Small Army started a nonprofit (Small Army for a Cause), and a nationwide annual fundraising event, Be Bold, Be Bald!.

Participants in Be Bold, Be Bald! simply wear a bald cap on 10/21 to honor the strength and bravery of those who battle cancer, and get people to sponsor them for their bold move. It’s a vanity challenge that cancer patients often do not have a choice about, and something that anyone, anywhere can do. To date, we have raised more than $250,000 to help cancer charities all over the country – and, we’re just getting started.

Today, I ask you to join us as we go bald to honor Mike and the countless other people who may lose their hair, but gain courage and strength that others cannot imagine.   

Sign-up, start a team, make a donation, spread the word, or do whatever you can do to help. You will only lose your hair for one day, but you will gain a new perspective forever.