What Does Innovation Mean to You? Part 5

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, Jun 14, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon, and we asked the finalists to answer this very important question: "what does innovation mean to you?" We'll be sharing their answers in several installments. This is part 4!

Best Use of Gamification

CityVoter: At CityVoter, we innovate to delight the millions of people who vote on our site and to inspire our thousands of local business owners to become social media and ecommerce experts.

Isobar: Everything we do is focused on a single guiding principle:  bringing people and brands together like never before.  Ongoing innovation is key to delivering on this promise. At Isobar, innovation means delivering tomorrow’s marketing and technology innovations today by removing the traditional barriers to innovation:  time, money and risk.

MeYou Health: It is pushing boundaries, fearlessly exploring new territory and making something that's typically complex into something surprisingly simple. It requires a powerful team of lateral thinkers, craftsmen, and artists to create something new or recombine the old in a way that has never previously been considered.

Practically Green: We believe that innovation can be powerful enough to change people's values and behaviors and make room for a better way to do things.

SCVNGR (LevelUp): Innovation is using technology to create a product that customers never knew they wanted but can't live without, and solving merchants pain points that they never knew could be solved so effortlessly.

Best User Experience

Gazelle: At Gazelle, innovation is the driving force behind our reCommerce revolution. ReCommerce is an economic model that rewards people for responsible consumption by taking advantage of the value a product retains between its end of use and its true end of life.

Modo Labs, Inc.: Our motto is "Make mobile awesome for everyone." Our open-source Kurogo mobile framework, and the products, support and services we deliver around it, enable organizations to realize the transformative power of mobile far more quickly and cost-effectively than would otherwise be possible. Our extensible, scalable, future-aware approach enables an unprecedented level of control and ownership for organizations while offering best-in-class mobile-optimized experience for their users.

Percussion Software: Innovation in user experience is almost counter intuitive. It isn’t about showing off the latest and greatest technology, but instead embracing the simplest, and most natural solution to a problem. Then using the technology to enable the solution. It means letting go of how things are built, and embracing how people think and do things. Usually, what seems to be the most natural, obvious solution, becomes the most innovative solution.

PostPo.st: Social content is more engaging outside of real-time.

VisibleGains: Innovation is at the heart of VisibleGains. We believe that any "regular" marketer or salesperson can make and use video to enhance their marketing campaigns, make more sales connections, and close more deals.  In order to make that a reality, we need to innovate not only on user experience in our product but also with our education to make sure our customers believe they can do it.

Most Insightful: Analytics and Business Intelligence

Ampient Inc.: Innovation is our life blood at Ampient. We look at computing in new ways, to discover additional new savings for our customers every day. Together, we can already see amazing new trends and insights. The implications are astonishing. This inspires us to research and innovate even more, from pure research to production deployment. Simply put, we love it.

Bullhorn, Inc.: "Innovation" lies at the heart of Bullhorn’s core values and is an integral part of our mission to improve the way employees and employers come together. Since establishing the first SaaS platform for the staffing industry, Bullhorn has innovated constantly in growing to over 2,100 customers. Social media will have a profound impact on Bullhorn’s customers and so is a natural area for us to focus our efforts.

Crimson Hexagon: Innovation is our way of life. Think about all the conversations that happen on the web. The social media landscape teams with different languages, slang, sarcasm and jargon, compounded by the sheer volume of billions of users. The insight offered by Crimson Hexagon has become crucial to many different sectors, and we continue to innovate our technology to ebb and flow with the constant currents of social media.

GaggleAMP: Innovation is the fuel that drives GaggleAMP. Our solution is the first of its kind to address the challenges that companies face regarding social media message distribution. Additionally, we are innovating with new features almost weekly. Innovation is one of GaggleAMP's strongest assets.

Performable: Innovation has to be grounded in usefulness.  If we are not here to make marketing better, to make insights more actionable and the customer's experience more personal, then we aren't pushing the envelope in the right direction. Innovation has to solve real world challenges.

Recorded Future: For us, innovation is helping individuals and organizations make meaningful predictions about the future.