What Does Innovation Mean to You? Part 4

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Jun 9, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon, and we asked the finalists to answer this very important question: "what does innovation mean to you?" We'll be sharing their answers in several installments. This is part 4!

Best Customer Engagement Driver

Brass Monkey Inc.: We are in the innovation business in it's purest form here at Brass Monkey, building platforms and tools for thousands of very talented designers to create new and revolutionary consumer experiences.  Each day brings us new ideas to change the status quo, and raise the bar of interactivity in gaming, shopping, and a host of other exciting market segments.

CardStar, Inc.: We believe innovation is the impulse that propels concept to product, mobility to commerce and consumer to merchant -- it is the momentum behind everything we do.

DIGITAS: Pushing the limits of technology to create something new and exciting that people can experience in a meaningful way.

Isobar: Everything we do is focused on a single guiding principle:  bringing people and brands together like never before.  Ongoing innovation is key to delivering on this promise. At Isobar, innovation means delivering tomorrow’s marketing and technology innovations today by removing the traditional barriers to innovation:  time, money and risk.

VisibleGains: Innovation is at the heart of VisibleGains. We believe that any "regular" marketer or salesperson can make and use video to enhance their marketing campaigns, make more sales connections, and close more deals.  In order to make that a reality, we need to innovate not only on user experience in our product but also with our education to make sure our customers believe they can do it.

Best Mobile Solution

Apperian Inc.: Innovation is about breaking down the barriers that are holding your team or your company back. Innovation is a key theme at Apperian and we will continue to challenge our people and process to keep Apperian out in front of the mobile industry.

Celtra Inc.: Everything! We developed AdCreator due to the available services only based solutions in the market for mobile ad creation. The largest group within our company is Development, as we know we have to continue to innovate ahead of the industry.

Springpad: Innovation means solving very complicated technological problems and hiding this complexity from end users at the same time. The end result is a magically simple user experience. We’re tackling some of the latest technology innovations such as semantic detection, synchronization, data normalization, micro targeted push, and layering on top a simple metaphor of note-taking app.

TripAdvisor LLC: At TripAdvisor, innovation means creating a product that is easy to use while on the go, and allows travelers to plan and have the perfect trip.