What Does Innovation Mean to You? Part 3

Posted by Kate Jurras on Mon, Jun 6, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon, and we asked the finalists to answer this very important question: "what does innovation mean to you?" We'll be sharing their answers in several installments. This is part 3!

Best Commerce Game Changer

AisleBuyer: Innovation means providing something that fundamentally changes the way something is done or thought of.

Modiv Media: Innovation means changing the perspective. We look at our solution from the perspectives of the retailer, the CPGs, and the shopper. This drives a holistic approach to product design, functionality and features as we fuse our decade of experience in shopper marketing with emerging technologies.

TurningArt: Changing the world for the better.

Unbound Commerce: Innovation means building and launching a unique, integrated software-based solution for online retailers, that allows them to leverage and extend their current e-tail operations into mobile and Facebook commerce.

Gemvara: Innovation is about constantly learning and evolving. It's about testing uncharted territories and gathering valuable takeaways from the results. Most importantly, innovation is about opening yourself up to the possibility that, in any given circumstance, you may not have the right answer. In those situations you must evaluate, learn, and adapt.

Best Consumer Tech that Makes Life Easier

CardStar, Inc.: We believe innovation is the impulse that propels concept to product, mobility to commerce and consumer to merchant -- it is the momentum behind everything we do.

Modiv Media: (see above!)

peerTransfer: We view  innovation as the ability to transform ideas into products and services that challenge traditional thinking and make life easier. 

Punchbowl.com: Innovation is taking the old way of doing things and using technology to make them easier and faster. It means using the latest technologies to make people’s lives better.

Pushpins: Changing the way an industry works.

Where, Inc.: Innovation is the driving force behind WHERE. Our creative ideas have translated into products that have disrupted the mobile industry and human behavior. Innovation ignites motivation, change, and community development.