Innovation Series: Part 1

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Jun 2, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon, and we asked the finalists to answer this very important question: "what does innovation mean to you?" We'll be sharing their answers in several installments, starting right now!

Best "Doing Good" Innovation

Accessible Places: Finding ways to give people choice in where they go and what they do as well as being able to present their voice and experience to the world and advocate change.

Boston Medical Center: Boston Medical Center measures innovation based on what the technology can provide to employees to improve patient care. 

Gazelle: At Gazelle, innovation is the driving force behind our reCommerce revolution. ReCommerce is an economic model that rewards people for responsible consumption by taking advantage of the value a product retains between its end of use and its true end of life.

Google: Google believes that a company which strongly encourages and rewards inventiveness and risk-taking at all levels is a more innovative company, a more successful company, and not least, a far better company to work for.

ISITE Design: Digital innovation goes far beyond a good looking website. We strive to create a culture of learning and innovation within our growing digital agency through guest lecturers, brown bag lunches, demo days and paid professional development, to name a few.

ReversingLabs: Innovation is the only way towards a more secure future.

Best Ad Decision Making Tool

ClickFuel, Inc.: We promote innovation through a very open interchange of ideas and creative solutions, tapping the varied backgrounds and skills of the members of our organization and our partners. We're passionate about building transparency into marketing services for small-midsize businesses and believe strongly in the value of making data driven marketing decisions.

DataXu: DataXu is synonymous with innovation - industry leaders start with innovation as the goal of the output for everything we do.

Fiksu: The mobile app space moves at lightning speed. At Fiksu, innovation means meeting this velocity head-on with our insights and technology to address the pre-eminent challenges faced by mobile app brands.

Media Armor: Innovation generally refers to new ideas. Here at Media Armor, our goal is to take the new and apply it to problem solving. New is good; applications are better.

Viewable Media Powered by Visible Measures: To us, innovation means creating something in the world that didn't exist before. In application, we innovate by building technologies that are forward thinking and that impact the online advertising industry.

WordStream, Inc: We believe search marketing is the most powerful and measurable digital marketing medium. We innovate by creating and building inspired technology that enables small businesses to leverage the potential of SEM within their marketing programs.