What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, May 31, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon (June 16! Oh boy, oh boy!) and we're pretty excited. We reached out to our incredible finalists, and our super special Twitter friends to ask one very important question:

What does innovation mean to you?

We'll be sharing the finalists' responses, by category, every day until the ceremony! How fun does that sound? Super fun. Let's start by sharing some of the responses we've received from the community.

twittahhhh resized 600@GenuineJack Innovation means trying something new which evolves the traditional paradigm or ideology to help society move forward...

@mrchrisallen Innovation is taking a good idea and making it a reality. As Thomas Edison put it :"1% inspiration, 99% perspiration."

@mromig Innovation = thinking about things in a different way- strategically, creatively, media wise- to help clients meet their goals

@selysettes Innovation means facilitation or improvement of human life

@parvez1 innovation means inclusion of the masses through products & services

Updates from the Twittersphere:

@Lindsay2Oh 2 me innovation is taking an object, process (or whatever) + doing something w/ it that has never been done. The almighty WOW Factor!

We want to know what innovation means to you! Do you have a great definition? Tell us on Twitter! We're hanging out all day at @MITX.