Innovation Series: Part 2

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Jun 3, 2011

The Innovation Awards are coming soon, and we asked the finalists to answer this very important question: "what does innovation mean to you?" We'll be sharing their answers in several installments. This is part 2!

Best Bootstrapped Start-up

Aerva, Inc.: Creation of new and unexpected and delivery of real value to people and enterprises. by HeadSpin Software: Innovation is creatively "moving the needle" in a positive direction while operating within boundaries that foster resourcefulness. Bootstrapping a company requires innovative ideas and process.

Jobmagic: Innovation is the DNA of our company. We tirelessly monitor  market acceptance, act creative and think differently when dealing with new challenges, and quickly adjust our product or go-to-market strategy.

Machine Vision Consulting: Our SureLabel product is an excellent addition to our food safety inspection product suite that now enable manufacturers to ensure proper labeling on any size or shape container.  This is especially critical for preventing potential allergens or incorrect drugs to reach the consumer inside mis-labeled containers.

netBlazr Inc: netBlazr innovation leverages existing and future technologies in novel ways and applies a radical business model to complete a "wireless end run" around broadband monopolies.

Best Business Operations Simplifier

Apptegic: Believing that the best innovations come out of a deep understanding of people's needs and actual behavior, Apptegic provides a service that lets you understand how your customers are actually using your application so that you can respond with better products and service. We are confident that our innovation can help catalyze your innovation.

Backupify: Innovation is a core value we employ to give users control of their information in the cloud. We're on the cutting edge, employing the latest in open source technology and cloud infrastructure to deliver on a simple, automated backup service for Facebook, Google Apps, Twitter and other SaaS applications.

Bullhorn, Inc.: "Innovation" lies at the heart of Bullhorn’s core values and is an integral part of our mission to improve the way employees and employers come together. Since establishing the first SaaS platform for the staffing industry, Bullhorn has innovated constantly in growing to over 2,100 customers. Social media will have a profound impact on Bullhorn’s customers and so is a natural area for us to focus our efforts.

Certeon: Innovation is active. It only happens when a company or a person risks walking into the forest of opportunity and learns where they are really fast.

DIGITAS: Pushing the limits of technology to create something new and exciting that people can experience in a meaningful way.