Exciting Website Changes!

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, Mar 15, 2011

Well hello, friendly MITX members! We are happy to announce that we've recently completed some super fun changes to our website. They took us a billion years to complete, so please get excited about this. (If you need help channeling excitement, think about beer! Or puppies!) Some things on the website look different, so in the interest of dissolving your confusion (you, before reading this: "I'm so confused!") read on and learn about them!

Most Important Thing First: Passwords & Logging In

As a result of the upgrade, all passwords have been reset. All of them! No biggie, though. To log in: head to MITX.org, enter your e-mail (it's your username, remember?) and check the "forgot password" box to find out your new password. Then you should change it to something mega awesome, pretty much ASAP. Easy! If for some reason the world is against you and this doesn't work, send me an e-mail at kate@mitx.org. We can be best buddies!

Event Registrationdescribe the image

Our website now makes it easy for you to register for events. You can customize your name badge, and if you're the primary contact for an organization you can register your whole team at once!

Are you an affiliate or platinum member? Now the website will recognize that you attend events for free! Cool.

Your receipts will now be mailed to you automatically, which is good, because sometimes (always) computers are faster than people.

Purchasing/Renewing Membership

Now, when registering or renewing your membership, you will process your order using a shopping cart. That's pretty much the only difference. Next paragraph, please.

Job & Resume Posting

We've decided that we trust you to post awesome stuff without our approval, so now when you post a job or a resume it appears instantly on the website! Test it out--we promise you'll want to high five someone.

These are just a few of the enhancements you can now enjoy. Members, stay tuned for updates and login information; and remember, if you're a corporate member, all your employees can enjoy our benefits. Just add them to our improved online directory!

Feel free to give me an air five in the comments. I'm really into that.