The Next Wave of Technology, Media and Entertainment

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Fri, Jan 21, 2011

On Tuesday, January 25th, MITX is hosting a Fireside Chat with Larry Weber, Chairman of the W2 Group and Founder of Weber Shandwick, the world’s largest PR firm, and Nicholas Negroponte, Co-founder and Director of the MIT Media Lab and Founder of One Laptop Per Child. We asked Larry for a sneak peek of what to expect, so check out his debrief below on how the convergence of technology and media has played out in the past, and where it’s going next.

The Convergence of Technology, Media and Entertainment

touchscreenLong before Apple was dreaming up the first suffix in their "iMania," Nicholas Negroponte was exploring the next wave of computing.  In a 1984 TED speech, Nicholas predicted the future of the touch interface, the e-reader and the impact that computer access has on children’s learning.

In 2005, Nicholas founded the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) non-profit, where he put research from MIT to the test in order to create a cost-effective, durable, power-efficient laptop for distribution to children in developing countries.  Because of OLPC, not only are more people able to access computers but the cost of doing so has decreased across the board, thus changing our expectations for when and where technology is available.

Negroponte’s approach to the OLPC laptop and his research at the media lab has treated technology, media and entertainment as inextricably linked, not as standalone categories.  The latest wave of computing today - the iPad (of which many components came out of MIT) - is proof of that.  The experience we have on the iPad is a great example; the content (media) and applications such as FlipBoard (technology) create some of the most prevalent forms of entertainment today, and you could not have that experience without the media, technology and entertainment components mixing so seamlessly. 

And now that we have experienced the iPad, what comes next?

Join MITX at the Fireside Chat to learn more about how the blending of technology, media and entertainment will continue to influence our lives and how Boston is leading the way in the next wave of computing, creating more jobs and more success for our economy.

You’ll also hear Negroponte’s predictions for the changes in the costs of computing, about the power of design in the next generation of technology and entertainment, and about research from the MIT Media Lab and the Center for Future Storytelling that addresses how rich media is going to affect the way a story is told.

But Before We See You There – A Discussion:

robot conduct symphonyWhat do you think is the best example of the convergence of technology, media and entertainment today?  

We like the work that Todd Machover is doing at the MIT Media Lab , including his new opera that features a chorus of robots. 

Leave us a comment below, sharing your thoughts on how the intersection of media, technology and entertainment is changing and will change our lives.