Share Your Thoughts – What Generation Gap Challenges Do You Face In Your Organization?

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Thu, Jan 6, 2011

As social marketing matures, marketers will have to be mindful of generation gaps. But, thanks to awesome groups like TNGG (The Next Great Generation), we are learning how to be mindful of multigenerational preferences in our marketing.

cloud resized 600But we also need to address how multigenerational workforces are affecting our organizations – how teams work together, how managers motivate different generations, and how the recruitment process needs to consider the different preferences of each generation.

As a Millennial (side note: do you even know what generation you fit in? The definitions can certainly vary, but I had no idea that I could even be considered a Millennial. I always thought I was part of Generation X), it took me some time to understand that my communication preferences are not the same as my colleagues. I prefer email, but people born in the generation before me prefer face to face, while those younger than me prefer IM or quick Tweets.

And now, as someone fairly new to management, I’m taking the time to understand the different motivation preferences of my employees. So the timing of this upcoming MITX event on Overcoming Multigenerational Challenges couldn’t be better for me personally. But my questions may not be the same as yours, so as the organizer of the event, I need your thoughts. Tell me: what challenges do you face when working or managing different generations?

Your feedback will help us shape the discussion at the event, so leave a comment below with the challenges you face when it comes to multiple generations in your organization or questions you have for the panel. And if you can’t attend and join the conversation, we’ll publish a follow-up blog post to summarize the event.