Get to Know the MITX Staff!

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Oct 22, 2010

If you follow MITX on Twitter, you may have noticed that many of our tweets are followed by a caret and initials. You might be curious about the people behind the initials, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about ^kj…

Hi! I’m Kate, the MITX marketing intern as of a month ago. Each morning I hop on a bus, ride the T two Red Line stops, and park myself at the first desk in our small, colorful office, where I sit amidst piles of papers, a polka dot lunch bag, a pink water bottle, and a gigantic bouquet of flowers.

If everyone in the MITX office tweeted, you would only see 7 sets of initials. Did you know that the MITX magic is created by such a tiny group? I’m pretty psyched to be part of it, and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. (Yikes, that was cheesy, I know.) Also, I hope to meet some of you at upcoming events!

MITX’s member a&g, does a spiffy little thing with their business cards, which we really like, and have decided to replicate right here in this very blog post! In addition to their professional titles, the folks at a&g sport badges and placards with little tidbits of fun, personal information. I told you a few things about myself, but I bet you want to meet my coworkers, so in funtastic a&g style, here we are:

Kara Boudreau | Membership Director
Mentor, Pop Culture Aficionado, MA Candidate, Inventor of the MITX Super Secret Handshake

Jaime Reynolds | Program Director
Vermont-Born Skier of Bunny Hills, Enjoyer of Gossip Magazines, Perfectionist Extraordinaire

Gena Folts | Marketing & Membership Coordinator
Videophile, Sci-Fi Fanatic, 80’s Music Master, the Statler to your Waldorf

Jessica Winston | Director of Marketing
Dreamer, Photographer, Future NY Times Bestselling Author, Yogini, Red Dog Fur Magnet

Lindsey Thorne-Bingham, Program Specialist
Beach Go-er, Cupcake Connoisseur, Venue & Menu Authority

Kate Jurras | Marketing Intern
Rollerskater, Fidgeter, Enthusiastic User of Parenthetical Asides, Maker of Sandwiches

You may have noticed that Kiki Mills, current MITX President, is not included in the list. That’s because, sadly, she’s leaving us soon for the west coast. You ALSO may have noticed that our official titles could sound a LOT more creative. Leave us suggestions for new ones, and we’ll buy the winner a drink at Kiki’s going away party at Parris Lounge on November 4. For more fun things you can do at work instead of working: if you could come up with a cool a&g-style work badge for yourself, what would it be? Please share your great ideas in the comments! If yours is super creative, we’ll send you an awesome FutureM t-shirt! And at the very least, you’ll make my day.

I hope you enjoyed this little experience. Stay tuned for more fun blog posts from your friends over at MITX.