What We Learned with FutureM

Posted by Kiki Mills on Thu, Oct 21, 2010
The dust has finally settled on an extravagant week of events and activities all related to the future of marketing.  And what a week it was – it was truly the best example of how community, collaboration, and crowdsourcing can together create something bigger than all of us.

MITX was thrilled to be the catalyst and creator behind FutureM. Its success came from all of the event partners, sponsors, and participants who made it what it was. And some of the metrics speak for themselves:

  • 53 Events at 31 venues across greater Boston
  • 162 hours of content
  • 100+ speakers
  • 3,000+ unique attendees averaging 2-3 events per attendee
  • Healthy demographic mix:  C-Level: 30% ; Mid-Senior: 62%: Junior 8%
  • 10+ universities had student representation at events
  • 2 product launches

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There’s much we have learned from this experience, and we are currently in the midst of surveying our event partners and attendees to find out more.  Here’s our top three:

Massachusetts is without a doubt the center for next generation marketing
FutureM adoption was huge and fast.  Never did we imagine over 50 events in one week would actually come together in the way that it did. This reaffirms our initial premise that Massachusetts people, companies, and their thought leadership are driving the reinvention of marketing and advertising as we know it.

A crowdsourcing model works – welcome to the next generation conference
More than half of the content of FutureM came from the community.  We went out in mid June with a call for event partners and some guidelines around the content focus areas.  The response was greater than we expected, and we credit the breadth and depth of content in FutureM to this crowdsourcing model.

Free does not always work
The original spirit of FutureM was to give access to all and provide as little barrier to entry as possible. The majority of FutureM events were free as a result.  The result was oversold events with extensive waiting lists. For those of you who registered and showed up, thank you.  Our goal moving forward is to still ensure minimal barrier to entry – but we need to figure out a better way to make sure that tickets don’t go to waste to those who really want them.

How was your experience with FutureM? We welcome any and all comments - good, bad and ugly.

Last but not least, keep your eye on FutureM through our YouTube channel, Twitter feed and news portal. We indeed are taking a little break right now to prepare for the MITX Interactive Awards Ceremony on November 18.  But FutureM will not be disappearing until next summer – so stay tuned as we continue the conversations throughout the year.