Be Bold, Be Bald! Interview Part 2 with Small Army CEO Jeff Freedman

Posted by Kate Jurras on Fri, Oct 8, 2010

Enjoy part 2 of this great interview with Jeff Freedman!

What role has Social Media played in your fundraising?
Social media has been a critical component of our marketing efforts this year.  Aside from traditional integration and participation in the social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), we have leveraged those networks to identify and build relationships with key influencers to help spread the word.  Building relationships with the likes of @pistachio, @edwardboches, @chrisbrogan, @Jimmyfund, @livestrong, @tomandtodd and a number of cancer researchers, cancer bloggers, media influencers, and the like has helped get the word out and create buzz about the event.  While these relationships are often starting and manifesting in social media, we are also moving them from the online to the offline world with in-person and other off-line communications.  The power of these individual networks is proving to be invaluable.

We are also using Eventbrite to coordinate an event on 10/22 (, where we will celebrate the day (and do a little more fundraising).  Everyone is invited to join us at Jillian’s near Fenway Park on 10/22.  Other participants around the country will be using Eventbrite to create their own celebration/fundraising parties as well.

What other interesting marketing techniques have you used for Be Bold, Be Bald?
Aside from the social media activity noted earlier, we have received support from several local media companies including MNI (regional editions of national pubs) and Titan (transit advertising) to get the word out locally.  Todd Feinburg and Tom Finneran of WRKO have joined the cause and are actively promoting the event on their morning show – and getting their guests to pose in bald caps for us.  BzzAgent also placed us in the FrogPond, which has served to a be a great word of mouth tool, with about 5,000 people commenting on the event on BzzAgent and other social media networks.  And, working with Wendy Goldstein Pierce, we have received some local and national PR for the event.

Other marketing ideas are also being tested.  Groupon (in conjunction with Boston Bodyworker) will also be running a special promotion on 10/22, where a portion of all purchases that day will go to the cause.  We are also working on some interesting mobile tactics with TexTango (BlackBerry ads) and KaOoga (text to donate), and expect them to be highly successful.

Lastly, our online “balderizer” (on Facebook and on our website) has turned out to be a big success.  People can upload a photo to see what they (or someone else) may look like on 10/22 and share it with others via email and/or their social networks.

bald cap resized 600

How can everyone get involved?
Just go to and click “sign up.”  Follow the steps from there – it’s very simple.  Upon signing up, you will immediately receive access to a variety of online fundraising tools, including personal and team fundraising pages.  You will also be sent a participation package, complete with bald cap, t-shirt, button and other helpful materials and information.  We encourage people to create a team at their home, office, or work as it can be a fun and meaningful team-building activity.   The deadline has been extended to October 18, but the participation fee goes up to $20 after Monday, October 11 so sign up now to save $5 and to receive your bald cap in time for the big day.


We LOVE this! If you’re even thinking about getting involved, please make sure to check out the fun event site, at Be Bold, Be Bad! is a creative way to raise money and awareness for a very serious cause. Are you bold enough? (Yes. Of course you are.)