MITX Awards - Something for Everyone

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Wed, Aug 4, 2010

Each year we produce two significant awards programs to highlight the innovation and accomplishments of people and companies here in New England. So whether you're a geek at heart or a creative genius, we've got an awards program for you.

MITX Technology Awards

We celebrated our 7th Annual MITX Technology Awards program on June 2nd, with more than 350 of our nearest and dearest friends and technology providers including Episend, Daily Grommet, Modiv Media, and VisibleGains -- to name a few.  A decidely tamer group than those you'll see at our interactive awards, except a few (and you know who you are, uh-hum, Matt) are responsible for creating the most innovative technologies in New England.

Categories ranged from technology enablers, to devices and cloud computing solutions. 

If you'd like to see what you missed, check out our photo album on our Facebook page, or if you'd like learn more about the finalists and winners, or even plan for next year - click here.

MITX Interactive Awards

The Call for Entries is Open Now!

Call for Entries - Now open!Despite the fact the dust has barely settled on the technology awards, we're already thinking interactive awards, and you should be too.

This November, we're proud to be hosting the 15th Annual MITX Interactive Awards -- and we want you to get involved.

  • Interested in being a judge?
  • A sponsor?
  • How about 'just' being a winner...

Let us know how you'd like to get involved and in the mean time – here are some important dates you should add to your calendar:  

  • Call for Entries: Tuesday July 27th – September 10th
  • Finalists Announced: October 2010
  • Tickets go on Sale: October 2010
  • Winners Announced at the Ceremony: November 18, 2010

Last year we had over 1,100 people join us to celebrate the best interactive and web innovations, and the best creative and technological accomplishments emerging from New England. This year, we’re looking to break that record – and bring even more people from the greater community together to learn about these amazing acheivements.

MITX is always looking to raise the bar, and this year, we’ve made a few changes that we think will do just that, including renaming our categories “buckets” to make it easier to find just where your work fits.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about the categories for 2010:

  • Digital Media Categories – For campaigns where paid media is a significant part of the overall strategy
  • Industry Categories – For sites, applications, projects or campaigns in specific industry categories
  • Usage Categories – For non-industry specific sites, applications, projects or campaigns, grouped by content type/use of a particular technology or channel

The application process is easy.

Six essay questions, your contact details, and an example of your work (a URL to see your work makes it even easier) -- and that's it! You're entered. 

We've even created a document you can download that lets you write out your answers in advance, so you don't feel any pressure when you're online, entering your work.

So download the form you need (remember to choose the form for your category from the list above) and put your entry information together over a cup of coffee, and throw your hat in the ring for the competition.

Seriously. It really is that easy to enter.

Watch for updates and let us know what you think about the awards by commenting below or writing to us at We look forward to seeing you there (party shoes on).