The MITX Future Leaders Group Update

Posted by Lindsey Thorne-Bingham on Fri, Jul 30, 2010

A few months back, we announced the first ever MITX Future Leaders Group (FLG), who were selected based on their leadership, spirit, entrepreneurialism and early impact on the Massachusetts innovation economy.  

From the 23 nominees, rose 6 shining stars that we look to as a valuable resource; providing a fresh perspective on up-and-coming technology trends, pop culture and consumer behavior and receiving the coaching of senior leadership here at MITX and the opportunity to grow their knowledge and networks.

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In alphabetical order, the 2010 Future Leaders Group includes:

  • Justin Cannon, CEO, Lingt - Leverages web technologies to build innovative online tools for foreign language teachers
  • Cort Johnson, CEO, DartBoston - Network of the top, young entrepreneurs and professionals in Boston who are making awesome things happen
  • Matt Lauzon, CEO, Gemvara - Leading online jewelry destination giving shoppers the ultimate custom jewelry experience
  • Christine Peterson, Social Media Enthusiast, Mullen – Full service modern advertising agency, integrating disciplines from creative to direct response, public relations, full-service media, social influence, digital production and analytics
  • Ali Robbins, Senior Project Manager, New Growth Platforms, Avery Dennison – Recent Graduate at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
  • Rob Toof, CEO, Proctorcam - Proctoring service and management tool for distance education programs
And then there were five…

We’d like to congratulate Justin Cannon and wish him luck as he steps down from the FLG, after selling his company and refocusing his energy on new endeavors.  

The FLG joins the MITX What’s Next Blog

We’ve gotten to know this team a bit more over the last few months and now you’ll get to as well -- as they join the team of guest bloggers to share their insights into the challenges faced by Gen Y entrepreneurs and the opportunities and trends they’re tapping into now.

If you’ve got ideas on the topics you’d like to hear – send us your comments below.