Recap of BIMA Roundtable: The environment really does matter

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Mon, Aug 2, 2010
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Have you ever wondered…

  • Do consumer “connections” with content vary by environment?
  • What impact do these connections have on a brand’s message?
  • What are the implications for advertised brands when an audience makes an emotional connection to a site?

If you have, and if you missed the answers to these questions at last month’s BIMA roundtable, sponsored by and presented by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), take a look at the below PDF to learn more about the OPA’s latest research, “A Sense of Place: Why Environments Matter.”

A Sense of Place

What were our panelists’ reactions to the research?

Jay Basnight, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at PUMA International, agreed that media spends are becoming more content focused.  He noted when a brand, such as PUMA, h as a need to reach various consumers across multiple cultural regions, the spend can be big, creating a need for a true understanding of the environments so a successful ROI can be shown.

Adam Cahill, EVP and the Co-Director of Media at Hill Holliday, said the research made intuitive sense and was surprised how, in the absence of such research to provoke strategists to take a minute and put thought into the value of the content in a media plan, it is easy to just classify environments as good or as bad.

Laura Salant, Research Director at, confirmed that the OPA research confirms their own research into environments, placements and content.   Not surprising, sees high ROIs for advertised brands because, their goal is to satisfy consumer needs.  The result of strategically matching content with user needs and appropriate brands is higher levels of awareness and engagement, as users integrate brands into the process of accomplishing their goals.

So the speakers all agreed that the research is important to review and consider – but did you miss the insights?  Read through the below PDF to learn more about the OPA’s Research.

And special thanks to our sponsor,, for leading the way in connecting this content with our environment – the BIMA community!About2