Mobile Marketing: Strategies, Advice and Resources

Posted by Gena Folts on Mon, Jul 19, 2010

Mobile Marketing StrategyAt last week’s Top 5 Mobile Marketing Application Strategies panel the principles of creating an intelligent, well-rounded and successful mobile marketing campaign were discussed with a talented and diverse group of speakers which included AJ Gerritson (Founding Partner, 451 Marketing) as moderator, Jim Chou (Product Marketing Manager, Airwide Solutions), Adam Heroux (Account Director, 89 Degrees), Ken Kimmel (Co-Founder & President, On the Spot Systems), Caitlin Remby (East Coast Head of Sales, NAVTEQ Media Solutions) and Mike Wallace (Executive Director of Digital Advertising Strategy, The advice from the panel was critical for anyone considering this marketing strategy.

  1. Pull together your print, web, mobile, etc., to ensure that mobile receives the support it needs from the other platforms.  You cannot afford to take an “If I build it, they will come” attitude towards mobile – it needs to be well integrated to seamlessly support the overall image of the brand as well as provide the mobile strategy with traffic and attention.
  2. Spend a lot of time and really get to know the mobile marketing space. There is a lot to know about mobile and many decisions to be made; becoming informed is crucial. Finding an advisor can be a great way to accomplish that, and that may mean speaking with the agencies you are already working with. If they don’t have mobile capabilities you’re after, then they are probably working with someone who does and can help you to find someone to fit your needs.
  3. Ensure your apps offer everyday value – if it doesn’t offer that, it will go unused and be deleted within a matter of weeks.
  4. Think about the penetration of your mobile marketing choices – while Foursquare, iPhone and Android apps all seem imperative to a mobile marketing strategy, the number of people you will reach through those channels is far less than through an SMS campaign or other forms of marketing.  For example, Foursquare has announced that they now have 1.7 million users, while this is a fast growing option, that’s still about the population of Phoenix. Ensure you are really weighing the costs against the benefits when choosing where to spend your dollars.

To help you find more information on mobile marketing, look to these resources recommended by the panel:

  • - Great resource for case studies, research and a place to get your feet wet with mobile marketing.
  • - Large and in-depth resource offering news, commentary, and research on interactive marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing Association - Provides educational resources, best practices advice, guidelines and much more to those involved in mobile marketing.
  • iPhone Developer Meetup Groups and

    Mobile Mondays

    " target="_blank">Mobile Mondays lets you connect with others in the area who are involved in all aspects of mobile marketing.

This is a brief list of the resources available to those interested in learning more about this topic, so please include any other resources you think deserve a mention when talking about mobile marketing!