Content Strategy: Understanding Consumption, Delivery & Measurement

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Fri, Jun 25, 2010
Nowadays Everyone's a Content CreatorWith the proliferation of social media networks, in addition to traditional methods of sharing content, the world has become a noisy place. Yesterday morning's MITX event on Content Strategy specified three key areas in which brands and businesses of all kinds can focus to develop a plan to break through to target audiences effectively. Margot Bloomstein, Chuck Moran, Ian Fitzpatrick, Jeff Cram, Martin Hayward, and Rick Allen shared their insights on each of aspect of strategy development.

Context makes content relevant, and it governs how people experience the content.
  • Determining what you have permission (from your audience) to provide, in terms of content, is critical; establishing where you can innately provide value will facilitate authority in your content.
  • Creating identity versus filler makes more of a difference than trying to be all things to everybody.
  • Pumping out tons of content to your target audience isn't any better than pumping out messages to the public in general - figure out what is useful and where.
Methods of delivery should be a direct result of understanding consumption.
  • Determining how to design your content delivery has 2 paths: Decision Support vs. Discovery Support; it's important to understand and consider what behaviors you target audience may practice.
  • Remember that related content should be consistent from any entry point - not everyone will be entering through the front door (every page is essentially a landing page).
  • Create value in your content by helping people find whatever will help them - even if it's not your own content.
Without understand your metrics, you aren't creating a content strategy - it's just content.
  • Take a step back - people love data...until they don't love data anymore. Whatever reporting you do, make sure it will stay relevant and usable.
  • Every piece of content has its own unique DNA; Determine what role each bit plays in your strategy and how people will use it.
Jeff reminded strategists that there should be a clear and direct relation between your business strategy and your site. While creating a content strategy for your business, the panelists agreed that it is necessary to be adaptable; not all users will absorb your content the way you intended.

*You can catch clips the panel discussion by clicking on each focus area above - Watch bits of the discussion on our YouTube channel.

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