Facebook Open Graph - Personalizing the Social Web

Posted by Gena Folts on Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Facebook Open GraphFacebook has been on a remarkable journey - from a dorm room at Harvard to the computer screens of over 500 million users - and now they are making the web more personalized and viral than ever with their new Open Graph.  On Thursday, June 10th, MITX hosted John Maver and Jamie Tedford's discussion of the unique possibilities this new platform at Facebook Open Graph - Living in a Personalized and Social Web World.

What sets Open Graph apart from the older social graph paradigm is the ability to integrate relationships between people and their relationships with objects (in addition to groups and brands that already existed on an occasional, though isolated, basis through the old version). Now connections can reach far beyond just friends and a few fan-pages; users can now have connections with the movies they love, the restaurants they visit, the articles they read, the programs they use, and the products they covet. 

While this platform has created a lot of concern among consumers about their privacy, the opportunities for marketers are limitless.   It's all about the power of the multiplier. On average, one Facebook user has 130 friends - so for every "Like", 130 more people find out through newsfeeds, exponentially.

So, with these incredible opportunities, what should your goals be?

  1. Earned Social Media - each ‘like', share and recommendation of your site or product has the potential to multiply 130x
    You can do this with numerous plug-ins and capabilities available, including Social Plug-ins, like buttons, activity feeds, recommendations, like boxes, Login with Faces, Facepile, comments, Live Stream and Instant Personalization.
  2. Enhanced Search Results - If Facebook is going to rival Google, start your FSO (Facebook Search Optimization)
  3. Getting into the Stream - "Likes" mean appearing in the News Feed so the sooner you get in a stream, the sooner it can start multiplying and getting you more attention. 

Throughout the discussion John hammered home that if there is one take-away from this presentation, it is to bring Facebook to your site using plug-ins! Everyone should be operating under the assumption that you are communicating with Facebook users, so take advantage of the boundless opportunities available to you through this new platform!