MITX Career Combine - Connecting Students and Employers

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, Mar 10, 2010

Shouting from the Soap BoxWe like soapboxes.  They can be fun to listen to, maybe even stand on, when someone is passionate about what they believe in.

We've been on the soapbox for years talking about the vibrancy, growth trajectory and need for talent in the Internet business and marketing industry.  We backed up our talk two years ago with data when we produced our first ever Market Sizing Study to actually define the industry and measure its impact on the region.  We uncovered a $29 billion dollar industry that employs 69,000 people in New England (with 20% growth in 2008).

Then we added in our Hiring Intentions Survey to show that companies are in need of talent, especially entry level talent. In our November 2009 survey we found that MITX member companies plan to hire an average six entry level hires in 2010.

The net:  We have an industry that continues to grow and one that is in need of talent.

Enter the Career Combine.  We started this career event five years ago, and modified it over time as the economy has ebbed and flowed. Our mission is threefold - to educate students AND college career service officers about the industry and what jobs are available; to provide practical advice on how to look for a job, brand yourself and understand what these jobs actually do in a day; and last but not least, match students with employers.

So we are at it again - this year we've added in a new partner, Greenhorn Connect to further tap into the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem and support the young emerging companies who are in need of talent and resources to find the right people.

There are great companies and jobs here in MA, and they are hiring.  I'm hearing it both anecdotally and seeing it in our job postings.  Everyone is passionate about ensuring our students have opportunities here, so put your money where your mouth is and exhibit at the Combine. 

See what happened at last year's Career Combine!

April 13, 2010 | 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Back Bay Events Center, 180 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA
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See you there!