Hey Graduating Seniors - There're Jobs for You, Right Here in New England!

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Thu, Dec 17, 2009

Talk about the right way to ring in 2010 for graduating seniors.

According to the MITX Hiring Intentions Survey, respondents plan to hire an average of six entry-level positions each in 2010.   The survey was conducted to our base of 250 digital marketing, media and technology companies in October 2009. There was a 22% response rate. To see the full report click here.

A key finding is what MITX companies are recruiting for: 

So the jobs are here, how do you get them? A few tips MITX c
an offer:

  • Network, network:
    70 percent of respondents cited colleagues and networking as the primary source to find talent. Identify the trade organizations, meet ups and other industry gatherings to grow your network. And take advantage of the StayinMA scholarship program which provides financial assistance to attend industry events. 
  • Internships are competitive, but plentiful:
    81 percent of respondents said they offer internships.  If you think you have to work for free, think again.  76 percent of respondents reportedly offer paid internships.
  • Employers hire year-round:
    88 percent of respondents said they have no set time for hiring entry-level talent. So if you graduate in January, don't feel like you have to wait until the spring for all the jobs to open up. 
  • Do your homework:
    34 percent of respondents report "lack of applicable skills" as one of the biggest barriers to hiring entry-level talent.  Find out what skills you need by attending industry events, doing informational interviews and internships, and by reading trade blogs and publications.  Many associations publish their membership directory on their web sites which is a great way to learn about what companies are out there, and possibly hiring! 

So What's Next?

Connect with MITX either through our website, on Twitter, Facebook, join us at a networking or educational event, or add your comments below -- and let us know what areas we can help you with as a student.  Our 2010 calendar is being finalized as we speak, and we'd love to get your input. 

Here's to a bright year ahead!