The Marketing of You

Posted by Kiki Mills on Thu, May 14, 2009

Some highlights of one very compelling session at the Digital Combine by Chris Colbert, Founder, Holland Mark -- The Brand of You™– YOU are a brand. So act like one.

  • Find Your One Simple Thing (OST) – The strongest brands in the world own a thought. If you don’t create an OST for yourself, the market will create one for you
  • Work the Network – It’s your lifeline
  • Breakthrough the clutter – Be original in your outreach, people are overloaded as it is. Make it compelling
  • Your resume is your ad – And we all know how much people love to look at make it stand out
  • Your wardrobe matters – Really? Clearly some don’t realize it, so it must be said
  • Your questions matter – Ask….care enough to learn about their business
  • Follow up…forever – Your network should remain as strong through employment and unemployment

This was probably the most inspiring session of the Combine. And the funny thing about it was that it played upon some of the most common simple principles that we all know, yet we all likely forget. We are our own corporations, LLCs, offshore holding companies...okay you get my point. And just as every company follows the 4Ps of marketing, so must we. Think of yourself throught that filter and you will go far.