UX ROI Event Recap

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, May 20, 2009

On Tuesday, May 19th, MITX held the second of MITX's User Experience Series titled How to Show the ROI of User Experience. We were joined by some of the great UX leaders in New England including:

Check out #MITXUX if you want to see the whole conversation on Twitter, and in the mean time - here's my top 10 Tweets

  1. Users don’t just compare your site/product to your competitors, they compare it to ALL their web/tech experiences
  2. UX is not "one size fits all"-don’t be afraid to reshape to your methodology-
  3. UX lives at the intersection of audience intelligence, measurement and strategy. Everyone is responsible for UX not just gurus.
  4. A degree in diplomacy, wont help you vs CEO-needs-flashy-pink-thing on home page. Bring UX research to make your case.
  5. Consider the cost of not doing UX research. What if your instinct about what your users want is dead wrong?
  6. The 1:10:100 rule spend $1 on research or $10 to change design or $100 to change something in development. Easy choice
  7. Need to get to the bottom of what org's enacted beliefs n values r to make difference
  8. Its the designers job to know ur customer's customer
  9. Marketing may own the website but the user owns the mouse
  10. Check out san jose UX "improvement" snafu-great example of how UX needs USER input

We'll be posting presentations on our website, under Member Resources, as soon as we receive them.

Until then, here's one to watch:


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