IMAs Unite

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Thu, May 28, 2009

I just chaired the 3rd Annual IMA Alliance Forum- an annual get together of the leaders of interactive marketing associations across the country. Hosted in Las Vegas by our Las Vegas sister org, LVIMA, we had a productive meeting to determine ways our organizations can collaborate and better work together. And given that I'm writing about this, clearly nothing had to stay in Vegas.

So acronym quiz - what does an "IMA" have to do with a "MITX"? A lot. Underneath the MITX umbrella is "BIMA" -Boston Interactive Media Association. BIMA is comprised of online media buyers, planners and sellers. While MITX represents the larger marketing and technology community - BIMA is the online advertising/media side of our membership. MITX also has a strategic partnership with 212, New York's online advertising club (they opted for numbers versus letters), where we manage all of their business, operational and strategic planning.

Here's some helpful info for you, particularly for those of you who travel and should know where there are active interactive marketing communities. Believe it or not, there are 19 functioning IMAs in the country - sister brethren include:

Atlanta, GA (AIMA)
Austin, TX
Boston, MA (BIMA)
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL (CIMA)
Dallas-Ft Worth, TX (DFWIMA)
Houston, TX (HIMA)
Las Vegas, NV (LVIMA)
Los Angeles, CA
Milwaukee (MIMA)
Minnesota (MIMA)
New York (212)
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA (PhiMA)
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA (SFBig)
South Florida (SFIMA)
Triangle, NC (TIMA)

And word has it, Pittsburgh and DC are on the docket to form as well. If you know of groups in other cities that are looking to form, keep us in the loop. We want to help.